How this pandemic can change our lives in a positive way?

How this pandemic can change our lives in a positive way?

Everything happens for a reason, as a result of some action. May be this pandemic also is an answer to some action we have taken in the past. However, in anyway, every situation comes with a reason and gives us a lesson to learn. From this pandemic, we may have been hurt in many ways. Many lost their loved ones and most of the people lost their job, income source, and most importantly, the peace of mind. But no matter how harsh the situation is, one needs to stand up and pull together to survive and let others survive. Along with adversities, this pandemic has given us many signs of hope to live too. We had never imagined our lives to be like this but within a few months we are ready to face the battle of a newer version of life. Like everything else, this pandemic can also show a positive side to us. We just need to realize and explore ourselves. Some positive outcomes that are observed in the last couple of months of lockdown are-

  • Discovering self in the lockdown

During this lockdown, people were devoid of many sources of luxury in their life. But through lockdown, most of us got a lot of time to explore ourselves. The lockdown was like an unlocking process of our potential. Some learned new languages, some learned to be a good cook, a lot of people came up with paintings, crafts, developed skills in art and culture. People who had forgotten their passion due to busy and fast paced life, finally got a break and resumed their passion by writing, painting or music.

  • Attachment with family and friends

With revolution of technology, industrialization and fast paced life, we were gradually inclined towards a materialistic life, rather than a logistic or had any emotional attachment with the people who mattered the most for us. But during this lockdown, we understood how important it is to spend time with our loved ones, who love us unconditionally. Although it was a forceful decision by the government and administrative, but it was a great way out for all of us to get back the warmth of a loving family. Though we are not together or can’t meet many of our close ones, we can still take out time for them and send our love and wishes for them through online gifting via gift retailers like MyFlowerApp.Com.

  • Understand the value of hygiene

It is one of the most important practices to get rid of infection by washing hand regularly. It is not like only COVID-19 virus is killed by hand wash, through regular and proper hand wash, sanitization, and use of disinfectant keep us protected from many deadly virus and bacteria. We have acquired this practice in our habits which is actually a great way of staying hygienic and safe.

  • Respect each and every life

We have started to know the value of each and every life these days. We have been more compassionate for people around us and that is how we are even more careful to curb the spread of the infection. The discriminations among people are gradually decreasing. This is a great way to understand and show the real meaning of humanity.

  • Work from home is equally productive

In this lockdown, many organizations have made it compulsory for the employees to work from their home. But it is found that work from home can be a permanent solution to many problems associated with over burdening land rent for workplace, travelling, and other consumptions of energy due to maintenance of a workplace. This lockdown is a wake up call for the organizations which are based on digital marketization and Information Technology.

  • Value for local made products

Now that we know how important it is to stay in our own country, we also have learned to appreciate and accept things that are made locally, rather than buying it and paying to another country while our own country needs our support for a reviving economy.