How the Design of 2021 Mazda CX-3 Impresses People?

CX-3 Impresses

Mazda vehicles offer impressive performance but what makes its cars even better is the supreme design concept that is employed in the exterior and interior of each model. This is what Mazda employs for its 2021 CX-3 model too.

The sleek design along with different paint jobs, color schemes, and more ensures that will impress anyone who passes by a CX-3. You can check it out yourself by reaching Mazda Corona dealer today; however, before doing that check a few details about its exterior and interior design.

How the Design of 2021 Mazda CX-3 Impresses People?

There are several aspects of the CX-3 design that guarantees people that anyone would be impressed. The design concept is divided into 2 segments; one is the exterior portion and another is the interior built of this car. Hence, it is advised to go through both these parts in detail!

  • Exterior bodywork

Cheeky exterior design is how people can easily describe this car model. It is designed to have the perfect dynamics that would allow people to enjoy supreme ride quality for which Mazda is known globally. The exterior bodywork is what makes it stand apart from the rest of the compact crossover and helped it to make a name for itself in this category.

It has a four-door layout along with great visibility from the inside. The front grille and Mazda logo on top of it are similar to Mazda’s styling. Stylish and big headlights with equally amazing taillights are how this car can be distinguished even from a distance. Also, the stylish allow the wheels sit perfectly to match with this remarkable body of Mazda CX-3.

In addition, it strongly built body helped it earned 5-star from NHTSA in crash testing and IIHS has picked this vehicle to be one of the safest vehicles to drive.

  • Interior design and more

If there is one thing people know about Mazda cars is that they create ideal designs for their interior to make it look like any other luxury vehicle. The CX-3 is no different and its interior is built using quality materials and given a luxurious outlook.

From comfortable seats to leather upholstery, chrome detailing is bright; this vehicle receives it all. Even being a small crossover, it offers ample space for people and cargo to haul. Also, the interior is made better with the ideal placement of a 7-inch infotainment touchscreen on top of the dashboard. It also has a head-up display, knob controller, and more to give it the perfect interior that would match its superb exterior bodywork. You can see more when reaching Corona Mazda dealership.

2021 CX-3 pricing

The CX-3 2021 version starts from $21,980 for the standard model and the Sport AWD costs $23,140. There isn’t much choice when it comes to models but Mazda ensures that these two models have everything you need in your small crossover vehicle. So, the question is when are you going to visit the dealer to take a look and probably take a test ride? Don’t wait too long is the best advice you will get!