The Worst 9 Mistakes to Avoid if you Want to Sell Online

1. Not Differentiate Yourself

Lots of people have this problem. They look for profitable businesses on the Internet, they copy an idea (which seems fine to me, really), but then they don’t “transform” it to offer what people need and others do not. In the end they have cloned something that already exists to sell on the Internet, they do not contribute anything new and logically their competition takes advantage of them.

Selling starts with selling yourself (your brand if you prefer), because that can be one of the clearest and most important differentiating factors, you can also start with Kids See Ghost Merch.

2. Do Not Give Confidence

If at first, they don’t trust you or what you “sell” for free (be it your way of writing, your free content, the design of your website or blog, etc.) imagine if it will cost them money on top of it.There are endless aspects that help reinforce the confidence you give to your clients or potential clients when it comes to selling online.

3. Do Not Show what you Sell

You have set up a beautiful online store. Very well. But if you want them to buy what you sell; first show why they have to buy it from you. It shows what you are capable of, that you know how to do what you say you can do, or that this product is really going to serve what you say it does.

4. Do Not use Testimonials or Reviews

Why do I have to trust you and what you want to sell me? Things as they are, we pay more attention to other people who have bought it than to the one who is selling it to us, who may just want to sell it to us at whatever cost.

Whether from other clients, people we consider to be more objective or industry benchmarks who already have the trust of their own clients, but make others value what you sell. If my neighbor tells me that the new bakery, they have opened has delicious bread, I have no reason to doubt his intention and surely tomorrow I will go there to buy a loaf of bread.

Amazon (which seems to know something about this sale) the first thing it shows you in its products is the photo, the name of the product and the opinions of the customers. Even before the price.

5. Do Not Value what you Sell

You have to be sure of what you are selling and its value, so do not “hide” the final price that the customer will end up paying (VAT, extra fees, etc.).

 6. Not be Attentive

I am surprised that this is one of the things that I am most grateful to on my blog (the truth is that I value it a lot as a customer when I buy something). And if people appreciate it, it is because they are not usually attentive to them, so it becomes a differentiating factor that also reinforces trust.

7. Not Invest

First you have to put money in and then earn it. If you really want it to work, you have to invest in quality “minimums” to sell online.

8. Do Not Simplify your Offer

Sometimes we believe that offering endless options is the best way for the customer to decide what is best for him, but there may come a point where he feels saturated with so much offer and ends up not buying anything and the best choice to sell online is Jesus is King Hoodie. You are the professional and the one who should know what is best for him, so save him time and make it easy for him.

9. Do Not use Images or Videos

Seriously?! Weren’t you planning on using images or videos?! I wasn’t sure to include it on the list because the truth seemed so obvious to me, but I’m adding it just in case. And please don’t let the excuse be that you can’t find free image banks.

One of the abysmal differences between online sales and physical sales is that you can see and touch in the store. So, if you decide to set up an online store, do not forget to describe and show what you sell in great detail, as if the customer were in the physical store. Use different images of the product, videos of how to use it, photos of satisfied people. Whatever you can think of!