Why one should take a trip to northeast parts of India?

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India is a vast country with several states and provinces all bound together. Each and every state have their own culture and stories which makes them rich and knowledgeable in their own ways. And the best way to learn more about the cultural richness and beautiful geographical wonders of India is by traveling. 

If one loves trekking, backpacking and being in the mountains then northeast of India is the best place to be in. northeast comprises of 7 states also called as sister states namely, Meghalaya, Manipur, Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram, Tripura, Nagaland, and Assam. One can take advantage of several north east tour packages to take a long and relaxing vacation near the Himalayas and valleys.

Some of the reasons why taking a trip to the northeast is a great decision is mentioned below.

Pure and untouched

One of the biggest reason why backpackers and travel enthusiasts love going to northeastern states is that it is still a bit far from huge tourist crowds and vacationers. It is still a place where many people haven’t been to. One can enjoy untouched nature and beautiful places which are not ruined because of overcrowding and tourism.  


Northeast is different from other parts of India in many ways. One can find non-stereotypical culture and ideologies in these places which are surprisingly more broad and open-minded. The difference in almost everything is visible almost as soon as one enters the northeastern provinces. If one is a true traveler then getting to know the locals will be great personal experience from which one can learn a lot from.

Variety of culture

Northeast may look small in area but the number of cultural communities and groups one can find there, the chances of finding them anywhere around India is quite slim. One can experience a huge cultural diversity which envelopes the clothing, entertainment, rituals, food, housing, language, etc. one thing is quite clear when it comes to northeast vacation that one will never be bored there, as one can meet new people and learn new things in just a few miles apart.

Enjoy nature

The best thing about northeast trips is that one can enjoy the nature almost everywhere. These places are surrounded by beautiful nature and one can trek through several off beat roads and tracks. The crowd is a lot less and there are no long lines and big groups of tourists making a lot of noise in calm and serene places. one can see the tribes, mountains, rivers in its usual beauty without facing a lot of modernization going around.

Lovely people

People make a place beautiful and more welcoming, and northeastern people know how to make anyone feel at home almost instantly. They tend to leave a lasting impression on ones mid with their warm nature, happy and content personalities. They have a nature to help the tourists, taking them places to see and have a positive attitude throughout which makes northeast even a better place to know about.