What Are The Best Trekking Places Near Mumbai?

trekking places near mumbai

Are you planning for an adventures vacation or tour? If so, then trailing is the best choice. Just imagine! How exciting it would be when you hits misty hills, walk through dense forests and much more on your vacation trip? If you are gazing for the most excellent trailing places, then Mumbai is the perfect choice. In the monsoon season, the city is free from traffic jam, heavy wind and much more. Get ready to explore the nature and iconic beauty of Mumbai if you are a trekker.

Trekking has become one of the most favorite pastimes for many people. When they get bored, weekend times and much more many of the people would adore to explore the charming landscaped peaks, right? If so, then pack your necessities and get ready to meet the dares in the Mumbai city. Well, some trailing place is near to city and some are surrounded by 100km away from the city. Here are some of the trekking places near mumbai that you deserve to trek!!

What are the superlative trekking places?

  • Kanheri Caves Trail:

When it comes to trekking, Kanheri Caves is one of the simplest trekking paths in Mumbai. Here, you people doesn’t find any nerve-racking climbing. As an alternative, you need to walk through a dense forest and sure you will the scenic views of green forest. If you are the one who loves to enjoy the nature, then surely you will notice some exotic birds flying over there. The trails start at the Kanheri plateau, even children can go ahead with this trail.

  • Chinchoti Trek:

Chinchoti trekking is a place where you will notice several routes. You can choose the path on your own wish. For those who don’t want to trek with complicated routes, then start your trek from Kaman Phata. Actually, the trek starts at the small village and so you will discover green forest and few streams on your way. When you cross all streams, then the route will take up you to the dense plants area and then finally you will see a beautiful falls over there. On the way to the falls, the trekkers can enjoy swimming in a small before which is very clean and fresh to bath. Bear in mind; when you decide to go with this trek on your weekend, there is no place to swim since the ponds get crowded.

  • Peb Trail

Well, it is the trek where you can experience small difficulty while climbing since you need to climb up with the help of few ladders. Here, you need to start your trek from a small village which is followed by a few caves. On your way, you will notice other trekking path which takes up you to the Panorama Point in Matheran. Once you have chosen this trail, it will take your extra time to reach the destination.  

Though trekking is a difficult task; it will be simple and easy one when you carry out along with your friends and loved ones!! Keep in mind; choose the best trekking places near mumbai and enjoy your vacation!!