India’s 7 Beautiful Unknown Places That You Must Visit

If you want to see some extraordinary beautiful sights, it is close to your hand. You do not have to go to the ends of the earth to enjoy the beauty of this place. There are some exciting places in India that you can go. Those places are better and less expensive than other countries. A little hidden, a little unknown, something unparalleled beautiful.

There are many world famous places and most expensive hotels in India, out of the top 7 places; I am going to show you:

1. Shimla:

You can travel to India if you want to go to the mines with a loved one with transparent white snow in Shimla. Shimla sightseeing makes for a thrill in the frigid weather. You can visit – Jakhu Hills and Jakhu Temple, Viceroy Lodge. Jakhu Hills is the highest peak of Shimla and a stunning view of the surrounding landscape.

2. Kashmir:

Kashmir is termed as ‘paradise on earth’. You can visit many colorful gardens. You can take a kayak ride.

3. Kurg:

Famous for its coffee, Kurg or Koragu is a beautiful tourist destination in the state of Karnataka. Rubber, coffee, and kokar garden in the vast plains of beauty have enhanced the beauty of the Kodaba tribes of the past. The aroma of Kurga is aromatic with the aroma of world-famous coffee. The capital city of Madikeri is a tourist attraction. If the weather is pleasant all year round, the blue blue hills in the mist on winter night. High-low hills, crooked paths, unobstructed small fountains, rivers, acreage of coffee cultivated on acres of water.

4. Kerala:

Kerala, (God’s Own Country) is one of the major attractions in India. Various sights of Kerala state of India. The history of Kerala is closely related to its trade, which until recently had been concentrated in the spice trade. Kerala, popularly known as the spice coast of India, served as the guest guest for Indian, Greek, Roman, Arabian, Chinese, Portuguese, Dutch, French and English tourists and businessmen.

5. Goa:

 Goa is an attractive place blessed with magnificent landscapes, silver golden beaches, green hills, delicious seafood with water on the face and other visible and awe-inspiring beauty. A traveling body of Goa refreshes the body and soul. Goa is an ideal beach destination, surrounded by sea, sand, sun and sea waves. Goa tours attract tourists from all over the world, including the coconut tree lined beaches, rich cultural heritage and endless festive mood.

6. Nainital:

Nainital is a city in the state of Uttarakhand, India. The scenery from the summit of the mountains is remarkable. In the south, there is a vast green plain and in the north you can see the rows of snow-capped Himalayan central mountains (Nanda Devi, Trishul and Nanda Kot). Enjoy charming and romantic mountain stations, lush lakes, beautiful views and more.

7. Ooty:

Travel to Ooty is one of the most beautiful trips to Ooty. The hilltop slopes down the path of the Totrain. Mountains covered with green waves. That scene is fantastic. When the eyes are opened, not only that, there is only pollution. It is beautiful, pleasant, clean environment all around. There are many sights