Dubai Desert Safari

If you want to see the belly dance on Arabic tune and you want to do much fun then you can visit DESERT SAFARI DUBAI. Dubai is one of the largest United Arab Emirates. In the south, Abu Dhabi is bordered by the town, in the northeast by Sharjah, and in the southeast by the Sultanate of Oman. Located in the Arab Desert, the town has its own unique geography and the remainder of the southern UAE area. The Desert SAFARI DUBAIconsists mainly of sandy desert patterns and gravel desert landscape that overlooks the southern UAE region. It’s clean, white and finely crushed shell and coral are made of its Sand. Desert safari Dubai is an exciting and electrifying experience in the surrounding sandy desert. Among a variety of adventurous desert excursions, it is very difficult to choose. The trip begins with the protocol of 4*4 Wheel drive vehicles.

Many people don’t have time to plan the evening safari, because of the busy schedule. There is therefore an interesting adventure tour for you to enjoy morning desert safari. The desert safari Dubai offers about 20 minutes of thrilling dunes and electrifying camp journey, for quad, camel and sand skiing. Safari in the morning may vary by package tour. Almost 2 hours package journey is offered on average by the companies. For those not interested in dinner or camping, it’s the right choice.

If you want to remember something for life, you have to do some activity. You can experience fun and excitement with the desert safari in the evening, if you plan on visiting Dubai. You will have to rest on a camel farm from the afternoon on to the first destination. Get an opportunity to sunset and enjoy camel and sand-boarding at the ocean of the desert. Try a lovely color design on your feet and hands. Come and have a delicious BBQ and shisha in a mood of celebration. See a belly dancer on campsite playing Arabic tunes.

Explore the night sky of the Arab Desert as everybody is staying in the camp. Don’t forget to take camera in the sandy desert of Dubai to capture memories of sunrise. Try colorant designs, clothing and camel riding. After a full dinner, in the quiet night, you can sit alone to feel the sandy sound of the wind. Watch some steps of the belly dancing performer if you like to dance. Enjoy sandy sports and dunes. Don’t forget to take your night’s sleeping bags and blankets. If you want to make your Dubai trip memorable then you must visit

For those who want to stay the day in peace and silence Desert, Dubai Desert Safariis recommended.

The majority of safaris in the desert begin in the middle of the afternoon and finish in the early evening so people are invited to go to their cars if all shows are over. There is no dune on the ride back, convenient for everyone to eat after the massive meal. If you want your memory to remain forever, you can buy photos from professional visual photographers. This will be worth it because it’s an experience for years to come that everyone wants to remember.