Frequently Asked Questions Related To the ETIAS

If you are unaware of what is ETIAS, then this post is all that you need to have a fair idea to get rolling. Before knowing about the European Travel Information and Authorization System (ETIAS), you should better have an idea of the Schengen area and its special features. Well, the Schengen area is a vast area comprising of some of the countries of the European Union (EU), who planned to abolish internal borders. After the signing of the Schengen Agreement, this ETIAS will come into action from 1st January of 2021.

  • What Is This ETIAS?

ETIAS or the European Travel Information and Authorization is going to be the automated IT system that will check into your every single detail if you want to visit the Schengen area. As said, it will come into action from the first day of the year 2021.

  • What Is This Schengen Map/ Travel Zone?

The Schengen area or the Schengen Zone is the one that formed as a result of a meeting among some countries of the European Union. Currently, 26 countries from both inside and outside of the EU are in the Schengen area. The entire area has no internal borders, so travellers and workers can cross countries without any Visa.

  • Which European Union Countries Are Outside The Schengen Zone?

The United Kingdom and Ireland declared not to participate in the Schengen area agreement, so they still need Visa whenever people from the two countries visit this area. Countries viz. Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania, and Cyprus can join anytime although they are still out of the agreement.

  • What Eligibility Criteria Makes You Okay To Apply For The ETIAS?

There is no such eligibility criterion, which counts for your chance to be able or not from applying the ETIAS. However, you do need to know the names of the many countries whose people can apply for the ETIAS because it is not for every single country all across the globe. Once your country is on the list, you can apply.

  • What Are The Requirements For Applying For The ETIAS?

Just as said before, there is no eligibility criterion and all that you need to know if your country is in the allowed list. After that, you can apply for your passport. Remember, your passport needs to be valid not only while filling the application form but also beyond that. You will also need your credit or debit card because the application form is not for free.

  • What Are The Factors To Remember While Applying?

The first thing is, to be honest in whatever you write in the form. Remember, the automated electronic system will counter-check every single detail that you provided so even if they sense 1% risk in your biography; you can expect cancellation of your application. However, you will not have any doubt regarding the cancellation, as they will tell you in details of what have been the reasons for cancelling your application.

Hopefully, if you have read so far, you will not be asking someone regarding what is ETIAS. Start to fill the application form at least five days before your journey.