Why choose Jim Corbett over Hill stations?

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Why choose Jim Corbett over Hill stations?

Going to trips especially at the end of the week is the perfect escape for the working professionals from the humdrum of the city. It is indeed the best way for them to relax and unwind. When it comes to deciding a place for the weekend getaway, mostly the names that instantly pop in the minds of people, specifically those who are staying in Delhi NCR are that of the hill stations. However, it isn’t really the best choice for them. There are a lot of things that make this decision not so great one for them. Let us show you in the blog what they are.

The Weather- The weather at hill stations is unpredictable, more so in the months from July to October. The hills stations become more slippery and it is most of the time drizzling which even spoils the mood of the visitors to roam around. Moreover, going during this time to the hills also means you are willingly putting your life in danger. And tell me why would you do that when you have all that you need for a perfect trip in Jim Corbett?

The travel time- Weekend is all you have to enjoy the trip, wasting your time in travelling to long distances surely isn’t a great idea. So, you should strive to select a place which is nearby Delhi-NCR region. Jim Corbett comes off as the best option for you to reduce the travel time to just 5-6 hours. You can leave on Friday night and reach by Saturday morning. Upon reaching there, you can easily book cottages in Jim Corbett.

The Wildlife- At hill stations, you may be able to see lush greenery but you would not be able to see wildlife. However, you can enjoy the same when you are in Jim Corbett. If you want to take a look at the wildlife closely, you should go to no other place but Jim Corbett.

Nature- Just like you get to see nature at hill stations, you will get to see and take a walk in nature amidst various 200+ tree species, plants, at least 50+ reptiles and 150+ animals. What more would you want from a place? There are also cottages in Jim Corbett that are close to Jim Corbett. This further makes the trip easier than ever.

No height fear- Hills are the last choices for people who fear height. There must be someone or the other in your group who is scared of height, feels dizzy. So, why to exclude him or make him go through the torture. In such situations also, booking cottages in Jim Corbett is the best.

No landslides- The Jim Corbett also has no landslides as it is not in the hilly area. Landslides just aren’t life-threatening but can also extend your stay or you may be stuck in the traffic jam for more than 6 hours.

So, now you know where you can plan the weekend getaway. Let us know in the comments when are you planning to go there and how did you like it. Also, let us know the funniest experiences you have had there.