Avail The Best Travel Insurance Plan For High Altitude Trekking

Embarking on a trek is not as substantial an investment as purchasing a car or a house. However, trekking is an adventurous activity which involves risk factor in every phase. There are always chances of landslides, avalanches or flash floods due to unpredictable weather conditions in the mountains. Even seasoned trekkers suffer from sprains, fractures, injuries, illness, etc. Thus, a comprehensive trek cover is beneficial to receive financial coverage and special assistance during emergencies.

Let’s check out some latest statistics:

  • Around 2,500 trekking accidents have been reported in India from 2018 – 19.
  • Out of that, 64 casualties occurred from high-altitude trek mishaps.

So, if you are planning for your next trekking expedition, it is essential to plan and stay prepared for emergencies too. Besides, you can also face financial setbacks from losing your wallet, meeting with an accident or getting stranded during the trek. This is where a trek insurance policy comes into play.

With a trek cover policyunder the Pocket Insurance products offered by Bajaj Finserv, you get financial assistance on personal injury, card blocking with one call and even receive a temporary smartphone if yours gets lost or stolen. It also offers a cash advance of Rs. 5,000 immediately to help with your living expenses and return journey. 

Here are some of the instances why trekking insurance policy cover is mandatory for high-altitude treks.

  1. High-altitude treks are unpredictable

In these trekking expeditions, you will be reaching at heights of 8,000-11,000 feet or even higher. Furthermore, getting hit by AMS are also high. Mild symptoms of AMS can be treated by Diamox treatment and a quick descend. However, under severe conditions, an immediate evacuation coupled with medical attention is mandatory.

Therefore, choose a trekking travel insurance policy that offers you financial coverage against medical evacuation or getting stranded during an expedition. You can consider buying a Winter Trek Cover offered by Bajaj Finserv. It provides the insured with necessary assistance adequately.

  • Accidents are more frequent at high altitude treks

Even though reliable trekking organisations emphasise on safety, accidents do occur from unpredictable terrain and weather conditions. Accidental slip, fall fracture and health complications are common occurrences in high-altitude treks.

Besides, off-mountain illnesses are also quite usual among the trekkers. There is always a risk of contracting gastrointestinal diseases as hygiene standards are not adequate in mountain areas.

Hence, ensure that your trekking holiday insurance scheme covers the expenses of emergency medical assistance, hospitalisation and even emergency evacuation.

  • Loss or stolen baggage

There are always chances of loss or stolen baggage when you arrive at a new destination. The issue can be major as you carry most of your essential documents and trekking items in your luggage. It not only results in significant financial loss but also leads you to jeopardy in unknown places.

You can easily make your trekking expedition easy and hassle-free with Pocket Insurance schemes such as baggage insurance policy. Under this trek cover, you can get financial coverage against various unforeseen circumstances.

However, any damage to fragile materials like cracking or breakage of a mobile phone screen or camera lens may not be covered under this insurance policy. So, you can consider purchasing a small gadgets insurance plan. This tailor-made insurance plan covers your small gadgets from accidental damage and spills along with financial coverage against theft and burglary. With proper precautions and a comprehensive trekking insurance cover at your disposal, you can embark on a trekking expedition without any stress.