The Best Data Science Certifications this 2019

The job market is in a constant change as technology and innovation keeps growing at an exponential rate. The demand for data savvy professionals has never been this high. As a matter of fact, the rise for such professionals has increased at an incredible 344% since the year 2013.

Organizations are already facing a talent gap in the field of data science as this demand keeps rising day by day. There’s no denying to the fact that data scientists still fall under the category as one of the hottest jobs in the IT sector today. In present times, data science has come out to be as one of the most promising field for every existing industry.

Over the past decade, the amount of data that we have generated has reached limits that we are unable to comprehend.  By 2020, every individual present on earth will be generating 1.7MB every second. In total, this amounts to 44 trillion GB data worldwide, also known as big data. Big data has been another crucial topic that is in the market these days. And to get into the data science career field one must have the knowledge and understanding of big data as well. However, due to rapid advancements in these technologies, professionals skilled in data science are reasonably low in supply.

As the demand keeps growing professionals with exquisite skills in data science technologies will play a major role in driving the future of the economy. To meet the demand of the market, it is crucial for aspiring data scientist to learn the important skills such as Python and R programming, Statistics and Mathematics, Machine Learning, Data Visualization, Predictive Modelling etc. Data scientists are expected to know more than one programming language, and have deep understanding in statistics in order to get started with setting up the necessary software and analyze the data.

Yet, basic skills are not enough. Tech professionals will need to sharpen their tools and technologies and stay up to date with the development taking place in the industry today. Certifications are the best ways to get started with any career, especially in the technology sector. If you’re looking to earn a certification in the data science field, you can have a look at some of the best data science certifications that are in-demand.

• Coursera

• Coursera, is perhaps one of the longest running education platforms available online that offers real-world data sets for data science professionals to grasp. The data science specialization course also provides courses that cover topics such as cluster analysis, natural language processing, R programming, applications in machine learning, and exploratory data analysis. However, it isn’t beginner friendly.

• Data Science Council of America (DASCA)

• The Data Science Council of America (DASCA) offers programs that are well researched. The programs are designed in a manner that aims to optimize varied job roles in the data science domain. DASCA strives towards developing highly skilled professionals who can to take up real-time challenges and solve problems. The career path curated here is based on Data Science Essential Knowledge Framework (DASCA-EKF), governed according to DASCA’s Data Science Body of Knowledge (DASCA-DSBoK). Programs offered here are vendor neutral. Getting certified from DASCA is a sure shot towards success.

• Cloudera

• Certifications offered by Cloudera comprises of certain set of exams and also hands-on practical challenges. One needs to complete the exam in order to earn a data science certification from here. Cloudera’s certification program aims at testing the skillset of the candidate based on a cluster of larger datasets. Taking up a certification program from here requires one to have prior experience in tools such as machine learning and programming languages such as R and Python.

  • IBM

Data science program from IBM provides data science fundamentals that covers data science 101, methodology, open source tools, and programming in R. Data science program taken from IBM is ideal for beginners as it covers the entire basic fundamentals in data science within certain duration of hours depending on the capability of the candidate.

  • Hortonworks

Hortonworks offers the HDP data science certification courses covering topics such as NLP and machine learning. Apart from these topics, concepts such as clustering, regression methods, and algorithms are covered.

Not all certification programs are created equal. One may take a quick glance between some of these best data scientist certification programs and choose the ideal platform as per one’s requirement. To thrive in today’s data science job market one needs to keep up with the recent trends. Look out for the latest technology skills and start gearing toward the future jobs.