How the Technology Make Your Video Meetings More Productive


Bad meeting impact

The research conduct by Microsoft regarding to the meeting demonstrate that, approximately every business organization spent six hours in the meeting per week. Round about, 70% of the people claimed that the meeting was awful. Bad meeting results discourage the employee which directly effect on work abilities. Also, if you ask query from Google about “bad meeting”, Google sent back more than 99 million listings about the bad meeting query. According to Huffington articles which stated that “Bad business meeting are making you stupid and dumb”. Meeting is not an easy task for any business organization.

Revolution in technology

Business strategies and methods has changed because the revolution in technology. Whenever the new technology came to the market, it becomes the reason of direct impact on the business old ways. The old days had gone when the preparation for the meeting was impossible. Obviously successful meeting is not impossible, like famous quotes “The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into the impossible”.  Technology made many things possible for business organization which was unachievable in the past. Technology is overcoming into every sector of life even social and personal lives have changed.

Online video meetings

Effective business strategy with technology tools becomes the reason of success in business. Most of organizations arrange the meetings and events for business identity, also it becomes the reason of sales and services increase. Meetings are very powerful and popular tool for any company to enhancethe relationship with their customers. In the Just UK and United States, business companies generated $400 billions of dollars through meetings and events. The number of income figures is increasing with the passage of time.

Now business companies transforming their business to the virtual world. Therefore online video conference trend has been increasing. Business companies using various types of technology tools for successful meetings. Because business meetings became the main source of income for business organizations. They use different type of technology tools and devices for successful result such as use of iPad, tablet for the meeting employees. Thought these electronic devices, employees can get better result from their meetings. Therefore, usually companies hire the technology devices such as hire the iPad from iPad hire companies rather than buy and get the fruitful results from their meetings.

Technology tools which enhance the business meeting ratio of success:

Virtual reality

The value of virtual reality in business strategies and methods has immense. Virtual reality invention is beyond the thoughts of human. Because it is one of the biggest achievement of technology in 21st century. Business experts and professional says that, use of virtual reality has become the symbol of success in business meeting. With the help of virtual reality, meeting will be like face to face. Employees could deliver better than the intensive audio call meeting. Distance is not a matter now, remote employees of different departments could take participate in the meeting and play their roles. In shortly, virtual reality removes the barrier between employees and their goals which they will accomplish from successful meeting.

But there is one disadvantage of this technology, this technology is expensive technology small companies can’t afford it. But problem always comes with solution. They have an alternative option. They could hire the VR also from VR hire companies and could done their work for successful online video conference meeting.

Focus on targets and goals

Through the technology devices, now employees could focus on their targets and goals effectively which they need to achieve through online conference meeting. Now technology make the employee able to identify their targets. At the end, technology is playing a vital in the success of online video conference meeting.