How can I Become an Artificial Intelligence Engineer

How can I Become an Artificial Intelligence Engineer

It is a well-known fact that adopting Artificial Intelligence by countless firms is an emerging trend of the current era. People are mesmerized by the wonders AI can make happen which has elevated the demand for AI skills to a whole new level.

As per a survey conducted by Gartner, there are going to be 2.3 million AI jobs by the year 2020. So, you can imagine how flooded the job portals would be as a result of the flood of job postings depicting the need for AI professionals all around the world.

With AI skills becoming the need of this hour, this is the best time to create a career in Artificial Intelligence. In this article, I shall give you tips on how to establish yourself as an Artificial Intelligence Engineer. But before that, let us have a look at what Artificial Intelligence is all about.

Artificial Intelligence – The Meaning

Artificial Intelligence is a technique of designing machines to imitate human behavior. AI is about providing the ability to computers to carry out tasks that require human intelligence like speech recognition, visual perception, decision making along with translation amongst languages.

So basically, Artificial Intelligence is about simulating human intelligence and behavior done by machinery which is programmed by no one but humans themselves. In this process, machines have to learn to reason as well as self-correct themselves.

Now, let us take a look at who Artificial Intelligence Engineers are and what they do.

Engineers in the AI industry are known for working with neural networks, algorithms and many other tools for enhancing the efficacy of the AI field. They handle the distinctive design challenges which result from the amalgamating the coherence found in conventional applications to the learned coherence of machine learning models.

There is a multitude of industries have a growing demand for Artificial Intelligence Engineers.

•    Healthcare

•    Retail

•    Financial Services

•    Construction

•    Media & entertainment

•    Energy & resources

•    Professionals services

•    Consumer packaged goods

•    Automotive and assembly

•    Technology and communications

•    Transportation and logistics

•    Travel & tourism

Ways to become an Engineer in AI

It is essential to have foundational knowledge in a technical subject to create a career in Artificial Intelligence. So, earning a bachelor’s degree in one of the below-listed topics is a prerequisite to becoming an AI engineer.

•    Mathematics

•    Computer Science

•    Statistics

•    Finance

•    Economics

•    Information Technology

Also, fine-tuning your technical skill is crucial for surviving in this sector. Apart from having programming skills, one also has to gain a theoretical and practical understanding of software development practices. Here is a bunch of themes that you need to sharpen your expertise in.

•    Software Development Life Cycle

•    Design Patterns

•    Modularity & OOPS

•    Machine Learning

•    Statistics and Mathematics

•    Electronics, Robotics along with Instrumentation

•    Deep Learning as well as Neural Networks

Furthermore, to thrive in the business world, an AI engineer needs to merge their technical mastery with business acumen. Therefore, learning the following skills must be given attention to:

•    Analytical Problem-Solving

•    Creative Thinking

•    Effective Communication

•    Industry Knowledge Now, how you can develop these skills depends on you. If you believe in self-education, you can refer to several online platforms that provide free certifications programs that cover these areas in detail. However, becoming an AI professional is serious business, hence, it is advisable to go for a master’s degree or paid certification program in machine learning, data science or computer science. And, the more reputed the certification body is, the better it is for building a long-lasting AI career.