Different Job Opportunities You Get After Being CCNA Certified

CCNA course

It is obvious that after you finish getting your certificate, you will seek for possible job opportunities. The industry has in store for you a lot of jobs where you can apply your networking skills. Any CCNA course in Pune will teach you not only regarding the different arms of network and communication but also about some objectives. 

Now, if you are wondering why candidates are choosing CCNA over anything else, it is because it is the most famous IT Certification globally. Another convenient feature is that no matter whether you have a technical background, you still can pursue this. Let us now move into various job opportunities.

  • Become A Network Support Engineer

Well, this will be the initial job for any CCNA certified engineer. You will not get access to Routing and Switching in your early days. You will get a position to give LI or L2 support instead of that. Although you will not have access to the routers and switches, you can still help senior engineers in their work. Helping and working with them will give you additional on-field experience. 

  • Become A Network Administrator

You might get into confusion trying to differentiate the job roles of a Network Administrator and a System Admin or Administrator. This can happen because, in small firms, both jobs have a common profile, although they are different. For carrying out network administration, you need to have great knowledge of different hardware components. In this field, you have to install, run, and manage different hardware of computers, routers, and switches.

  • Become A Network Engineer

Although this is also like becoming a Network Support Engineer as it includes giving IT support, yet it is much more. However, being a Network Engineer is one of the most famous and popular job roles of a network engineer. 

Designing a company’s network connection, implementing it on reality and maintaining it accordingly by supporting it whenever it needs are the job of a Network Engineer. When you do any CCNA course in Pune, you already get to know how to work on these fields. One of the greatest parts of this job role is the Cisco Networking skills.

  • Become A Network Security Associate

This is not an easy job, as it requires the person to take an ocean full of responsibilities on his or her shoulders. Yes, this is how complex, risky, and challenging this job is. If you want to build your career in network security, then nothing can better for you than this job. You will need a CCNA Security certificate though, alongside your CCNA Routing and Switching certificate. 

Your primary criterion is to make sure that the network ecosystem of the company is free out of the attack of Viruses and Malware. You must find out chances of the possible threats and eradicate them before they harm the network system badly.

Above mentioned are some of the job opportunities, which wait for you when you become a CCNA certified network engineer.