Top Reasons To/Not To Buy Adidas X Cleats

Top Reasons To Not To Buy Adidas X Cleats

In the battle for prime soccer cleat lordship, where picking the right footwear is important, Adidas tries to strike a blow with its new Adidas X cleats. One of the largest sportswear manufacturers in the world introduces the ‘18 version’ with a fresh look, a new upper, and enhanced technology. 

The new Adidas X18 series is all about speed. Inspired from its predecessors, the latest version merges advanced cleat technology and modern materials to offer the much-needed speed and comfort. Both the X 18+ and the X 18.1 are the outspoken members of the Adidas family. From the construction, it seems the manufacturer has sculpted the cleats for speed. 

Should you buy Adidas X soccer cleats or not?

Reasons To Buy 

When it comes to buying soccer cleats, most of the professionals look for appearance, touch, and feel. The best soccer cleats seem tightly placed towards the heel and open up towards the forefoot. They don’t feel like faking the speed. Also, they feature responsive cushioning to reduce pressure on studs. The new Adidas X cleats come with all those features that can impress a professional soccer player. 

There are multiple reasons to get the new series, and below are some of them:

  • Comfortable: Majority of the reviewers find the ‘X’ series comfortable, as claimed by the manufacturer. The firm ground cleats are made of advanced materials using the latest cleat technology. The shoes are comfortable to wear, thanks to its responsive and soft cushioning that helps to reduce pressure on studs. 
  • Lightweight: Similar to its predecessors, both the X 18+ and the X 18.1 are lightweight soccer shoes that leave a professional free to fly. Sculpted for speed, the cleats do not make the wearer feel like the ball sticks under their feet. Also, they provide the closest possible sensation to the ball.
  • Look: When it comes to appearance, Adidas soccer cleats are known as outspoken members of the soccer shoe community. In this case, Adidas soccer cleats X 18 series doesn’t disappoint us. Both the X 18+ and the X 18.1 are eye-catching shoes that feature an interesting visual effect. Adidas x 18 white comes with an appealing Adidas logo. Also, the bright three stripes on the boots are nicely placed, showcasing who created the cleat.  
  • Touch: While the ‘X’ series feels amazing in hand, it is experimenting boots with a ball that determines whether or not these can be the perfect firm ground cleats. During the test, these Adidas shoes feel like they are hugging the feet. Despite responsive cushioning, dribbling at speed is not at all a problem with the cleats. 

Reasons Not To Buy

The only issue that a few reviewers and footballers find with Adidas X 18 is the padding. According to them, the bottom part doesn’t have enough padding. 

Bottom Line 

Released in 2018, the ‘X’ cleats by Adidas feature a great combination of advanced materials and the latest technology. The firm ground cleats are carefully designed for competition-level players. Several professional soccer players worldwide find these shoes comfortable and powerful. They say the cleats are ideal shoes to feel easy on the field and improve the speed.

Although some players and reviewers didn’t find the cleats as comfortable as its predecessors were, the Adidas X is one of the best football boots right now.