What Are Safe Sleep Guidelines For Toddlers?

What Are Safe Sleep Guidelines For Toddlers

So, your baby has turned into a toddler. What are the sleep rules for a child of this age? Shall you start looking for the best toddler pillow ? Babies often wake up at the night. However, a toddler usually sleeps through the night. This is the time when rules start to change. So, we bring you safe sleep guidelines for your toddler.

Safe Sleep Guidelines For Toddlers

A child with age between 18 months and 3 years is a toddler. There is no risk of SIDS and some of the safe baby sleep rules are no longer applied. Here is what you need to do:

Moving Your Toddler To A Bed When He Is Tall Enough

The best time to move your toddler to the bed is when he is 35 inches tall. Most of the toddlers achieve this height at the age of 3. You can buy a toddler bed or a twin bed. However, the bed must have a side rail. It may not be the right time to move to a big bed.

Creating A Safe Sleeping Space

The skin of a toddler is not as sensitive as the baby’s skin. Now you can use the best toddler pillow, blanket and stuffed animals. Buy a small baby sleeping pillow. Use a thin baby blanket. However, don’t use big stuffed animals. Protect the eyes of the toddler from any kind of hazard. No object with strings or ties should be near the bed. Electrical cords, window blind pulls or curtains should be far away from the bed. Make sure that picture frames or any other item is out of the reach of the toddler when he is into his bed.

Protect Crib Climbers

Kids after the age of 18 months love to move around. They try to explore their environment. So, your toddler may try to climb out of his crib. If your toddler is sleeping in a crib, make sure that the crib mattress is on the lowest setting. This makes it hard for the toddler to climb and come out of the crib. Watch the things you are putting in the crib. Don’t put anything in the crib that can be used by the toddler to climb such as stuffed toys. Despite taking all these precautions, your little boy might still climb out of the crib. If your toddler is climbing out of the crib frequently, it’s time to move your toddler into a twin bed or toddler bed. Need not to tell, the bed should have a side rail.

Watch Sleeping Position Of Your Toddler

According to experts, babies should always sleep on their backs. However, your child is a toddler now. He can sleep safely on his side, stomach or back. So, let the toddler choose a position he finds the most comfortable.  

Avoid Co-sleeping or Bed-Sharing

According to The American Academy Of Pediatrics, parents should avoid bed-sharing or co-sleeping with babies. Same goes for toddlers.

Safety and comfort of the toddler are extremely important when your toddler is sleeping. Not getting adequate sleep can interfere with the physical and mental development of the toddler. Lack of sleep can affect the toddler’s ability to concentrate. Toddlers get distracted easily. When it comes to buying a sleeping pillow for baby, make sure that it is not made from synthetic fabrics. Synthetic fabrics contain chemicals that are harmful to the skin of the toddler. Buy the best toddler pillow for your toddler.