The cons of outsourcing medical billing services

rejection handling medical billing services

In spite of the various benefits of medical billing services, there are some pitfalls associated with outsourcing your rejection handling medical billing services. They are as follows

Lack of control over the employees

The medical professionals would be a bit hesitant to have control over the medical billing staff. This staffs is responsible for the smooth conduct of various functions in a health care centre. Being not in control to directly supervise the work puts the medical managers in a vulnerable position.  The trust has to be there that the work is being undertaken in a professional manner and in an accurate and timely manner.

Patient satisfaction can be compromised

Due to outsourcing patient dissatisfaction can occur. The patients have the ability to walk into the chamber of a doctor and make bill payments, get to the specifics of the bill or even set up payment arrangements. A personal relationship can be established with an in house billing service team. On the other side of the coin patients are less satisfied if they go on to receive important updates via phone.

Security and privacy breaches

In outsourcing your medical billing services there is risk in terms of security breach or even privacy issues can pop up. This same problem can arise with an in house billing department but the risk intensifies when you are planning to outsource. The more people have access to confidential and personal information more risk is posed in general.

Possibility of hidden costs

In trying to make a switch from an in house to outsourcing there are various costs that you might incur. In order to ensure a better work arrangement between an outsource company and a legal office, a lot of time you might have to spend in coordinating with the contract and with legal fees cost might accrue. The chances are that you might have to hire a person who might act as middle men between the company and the outsourcing agency. By doing so rejection handling in medical billing services is reduced to a considerable degree.

Lack of flexibility

Most of the business practices are under the preview of the outsourcing company. It all depends upon your medical office and when you have control over the day to day operations, medical officer staff has a degree of flexibility. Sometimes changes in the medical set up may warrant flexibility. This would mean putting in more hours than the required schedule, changing employees to suit the needs of the patients. In addition to this the openings along with closing of holidays. This could prove out to be the difference between high and low performance in a given month.

To conclude when you outsource your medical billing services limitations are bound to exist. The services that you need to provide might be due to lack of information or communication between the in house and the medical team. During the contracting phase proper information has to be provided to the outsourcing company in settling claims.