Logo Design Trends That Every Business Should Follow In 2019!

Your business logo is not just a small design that denotes your brand in the market. It is also a symbol of the era of its creation. If you are an old business and your logo design is based on how logos were used to be in the age when you started your business, the audience will be able to observe it through your design. Similarly, if your logo design is from the current logo trends, your audience will automatically assume that you are a new business. This is the reason why many companies tend to follow the trends of the logo industry. If you are also one of the company and willing to create a trendy logo for stronger influence in the market, you should read this article about the latest logo trends of 2019.

The trends that are to be discussed in this article can add value to your logo design and make it more impactful. Let us begin with a trend that never gets old!

Simplified Designs

Simple designs are trending for a few years now, and it seems that the design is not going to become old any sooner. It is because brands benefit a lot from a good logo. Simple logo designs attract more audience because they are easy to comprehend whereas complex designs need the audience to pay much attention in order to understand the business concept. Simple designs mean logo designs that are clean and not too complicated. They do not have too many elements. Also, the colors and fonts used in these designs are simpler as well.

Color Transition!

Color transition or gradient is also a prevalent design trend that is said to make the logo design beautiful and arresting. Color transitions have an excellent effect on the viewers as they make the logo design pleasant and aesthetically fulfilling. Different hues and styles are used for the creation of these transitions for different kinds of business concepts. This trend is one of the most effective logo design trends when it comes to the deliverance of more than one business messages through a simple logo design.

Mono-colored Logos

As mentioned above, simplicity is a familiar design concept in the logo industry currently and most of the trends are an attempt to simplify the logo design. Mono-colored logos are also a trend that was invented to make a logo appear simple and focused on a single business concept. Businesses go for creative and strong designs while choosing a single colored logo to get a balanced design as a result.

Basic Shapes in Logo

Basic geometric shapes have been a part of logo designing for a long time. Each shape has its meaning and effect. Businesses choose to use shapes that will inspire the audience to perceive a particular idea. Geometrical shapes also make the design look more measured and gives the design control over the design. Some designers choose to make the shapes overlap to present more than one idea at once. This is a good way of delivering layers of messages without complicating the design.

Font Experiments with All Small Letters

Another prevalent design trend is the use of small letters. Though capital letters appear dominant and weighty, small letters are more stylish. When there is no small letter in a custom logo, the custom logo design appears more simplistic and consistent. Businesses whose brand values are closer to these attributes choose to use small letters in their designs.

Flat Logo Designs

Flat logos are the logos that are made especially for digital marketing. These logos can fit perfectly on a webpage because they are flat and do not cover too much space. This trend is popular, as digital marketing has become a very prominent marketing strategy in current times.