How You Can Build a Career in Artificial Intelligence with Python Training

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The whole world is fascinated with the idea of deep learning at the moment. Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google said at a convention it is the development in deep learning along with the improvements in the computational capabilities that has brought about the revolution in artificial intelligence.

Allan Turing was the first one to advocate the possibility of a machine that is able to learn all by itself. Watch the movie called ‘The Imitation Game’ if you have not yet; it has a great account of how things went with the first thinking machine. We are a long way ahead of that past and we enjoy the perks of artificial intelligence without even realizing when we find a play list on iTunes that is perfectly mixed for us or when the camera in pixel creates a perfect shot. AI, in various forms, is surrounding us at present and Python has a huge role to play behind it.

Deep Learning and the involvement of Python in it

Deep learning is a technology that imitates the working process of our brain i.e. neural networks. The advanced AI systems are mostly dependant on deep learning. A humongous amount of well sorted data is fed to an AI system through machine learning. The system learns to recognize certain patterns in the data depending on the machine learning algorithm. Just like the human brain the AI system correlates certain patterns with certain situations. The whole process is supported by data from various sources. This is how a self driving car learns to stop at a red signal or Alexa learns to respond to certain commands.

Python is a key language in machine learning and deep learning. Python has a number of libraries which are designed for machine learning and data management. Therefore AI using Python becomes much convenient.

Practical implementation of AI

AI is immensely potent and only a fraction of its potential is currently used for practical purposes. One of the most prominent usages of AI is in the AI based chat bots that are scattered around various online platforms. These chat bots are able to recognize and respond to a customer’s queries with the help of natural language processing. The customer service industry is revolutionised with the help of these chat bots.

AI based image processing technology has helped in the advancement of public security around the world. The AI powered security system can recognize a threat and raise an alarm in real time.

These are just a few examples of AI integration in the practical world; there are definitely more instances and the research work in the field of AI is going on at a robust pace.

The opportunities for youngsters Deep learning training with the help of tensor flow and keras using the Python platform is popular among experienced data science professionals. But the young candidates with degrees in statistics or computer science can also join courses for AI using Python. It is a great new field with great opportunities for the hard working candidates.