Do’s and Don’ts During Changing your Engine Oil

Now it is a known fact that changing the engine oil in the recommended schedule is not only necessary for extending the life of the engine, but also for increasing its efficiency. But while performing the changing of engine oil, it is required to follow a certain methodology so that there shouldn’t be any error leading to an engine related issue henceforth. 

Here are some important dos and don’ts to be followed during the car oil change that we have learned from an experienced auto repair shop staff. 

The Do’s 

Cool Down the Jets 

To avoid any hot spill on your skin and creating a mess on the floor, always cool down the engine oil a bit before you going for an oil change. If the car has been driven just before the oil change, allow around 15 to 20 minutes to cool down the jets and that will keep it warm enough for a smooth flow. 

Always Use a Drain Pan

To make the oil flow in the right direction and not spilling out on your hand, always use a drain pan. The experts will recommend the funnel-top type among the rest, so that it covers the pan leaving no scope for the oil to spill out.

Use Only the Recommended Oil Type

Use only the type of your car manufacturer has recommended on the owner’s manual. Never try anything new, that is suggested by any retail seller as that can damage your engine to a great extent. 

Keep a Track of Oil Changes

Always keep a note of the date when you’ve changed the oil of your car engine. If done at the auto repair shop, they will usually place a sticker on the vehicle as a customary reminder, but if you do it of your own, you need to remember the date yourself.  

The Don’ts 

Don’t Overtighten the Filter

After changing the engine oil or installing a new oil filter, do not ever overtighten its cap, as it will lead to further problems like getting stuck for future use. 

Don’t Dry Off the Oil Seal 

Nobody wants an oily surface that you’re going to touch. But sometimes some automotive parts like the oil seal needs to be left oily to keep it lubricated, so do not wipe off the oil seal dry, after using it. otherwise, it can crack up with excessive heat and cause oil leaks. 

Don’t Choose a Wrong Motor Oil Weight 

While choosing the motor oil weight, always refer to your owner’s manual recommendations. Though modern cars generally need 5w30, depending upon the model of your car, it can be different from what others suggest. So always go for the weight specifications as recommended by your car manufacturer, as its engine system is engineered to be driven that way. 

The Final Thoughts –At the time of your car oil change, always make sure, all the above mentioned rules are followed to avoid any untoward repercussion that can decrease the lifespan or efficiency of your car engine.