Most trending birthday cakes

One can’t imagine a birthday celebration without a cake. Birthday and cake go hand in hand. Ordering a surprise birthday cake seems exciting and can be a challenge at the same time as one needs to look for a lot of requirements such as quality, flavour, design, texture and of course, the birthday person’s choice. But with MyFlowerApp.Com’s huge flavoursome collection of cakes, you’d never go out of flavours and designs. For birthday, there are a lot of options of cakes, ranging from regular size, round and square shape to premium, designer, and theme cakes. With advanced features of the online delivery services, you can now avail of the option to change the cake size and shape accordingly while placing order. If you are looking for the surprise birthday cake to send one of your dearies, then you must know that these following types are ruling in the market since a long time. Have a look on these mouth-watering cake variants and choose the one for your close one.

  1. Chocolate:

Chocolate is not just a sweet treat, but an emotion. It is the most loved eatable across the world. And when it is about ordering a birthday cake, the highest of demands goes to “Chocolate cakes”. Family, friends, lover, or any acquaintance; a chocolate lover is always happy when surprised with a chocolate cake.

  • Choco Truffle:
    A light or heavy cream whipped, flavoured with heavenly taste of cocoa, buttery and moisty Choco truffle cake is the ultimate cake option for all the occasions, and especially for birthdays. It also comes with some exotic fruit toppings to give it a sweet and tangy taste.
  • Black Forest

A black forest is another most demanded birthday cake. Layered with the flavours of dark chocolate and whipped cream, a moisty black forest cake most of the time comes with juicy cherries on its top. The shape can be changed to round, heart or square, based on need.

  • Red Velvet

The most ordered cake for couples, that give the colour to your love filled heart shaped-cake, is the tenderly delicious and a flavoursome red velvet cake. The reaction of vinegar and buttermilk gives the red colour which is then added with cocoa and keeps the cake moist, creamy and fluffy.

  • Butterscotch

Brown sugar, corn syrup and butter, are what blended together to give a yummilicious texture and the perfect sweetness to creamy butterscotch. It is most of the time the favourite one of kids.

  • Vanilla cake

The simplest of all the flavours, yet it gives the heavenly taste of the cake. Vanilla is a flavour which keeps the taste of a cake bounded to its originality, and thus it is one of the most wanted one.

  • Fruit cake

Sweet and sour at the same time, a fruit cake is at a time tasty and healthy. For kids or adults, a fruit cake is always in the demand for a birthday celebration. It generally comes with juicy fruit toppings such as finely cut pieces of kiwi, orange, grapes, and apple; and also sometimes it’s added with crunchy nuts.

  • Photo Cakes

Sharing sweet memories with a photo on a birthday cake has been trending these days. Choose any of your favourite flavours and upload a picture on the website to get it printed on the cake itself. The non-harming food colours are used to print the picture on the cake and make it look uniquely beautiful.

  • Barbie Cakes

When celebrating your little princess’s birthday, what can be better than a grand and beautiful Barbie doll cake! Order the most favourite flavour of your doll and let the bakers make a Barbie cake of her choice.

  1. Fondant premium cake

When a birthday celebration is lavish, a grand and premium cake is always needed. To enhance the charms of a birthday party, premium cakes can be ordered which include fondant, flavourful, varieties of shape and designs of very elegant looking cakes. There are cartoons and superhero cakes available in our store for your little champ’s birthday party as well.