Islamic clothing variety and variation available in the market

women wear

According to Quran, the holy Islamic book men and women under Islam has to wear modest, non-transparent clothes, they have to cover the whole body. Men should have their clothing style which must be different from women; they have to keep themselves away from gold and silk. Women deals with the same, have their way of styling like Islamic women wear. Mostly women were clothes, and along with that, they cover their head with some piece of cloth that is known as hijab. It has different variation according to the size of the fabric and body portion it covers; they are available in different colors as well:

  1. Hijab: this word signifies the modest dressing of an Islamic woman and respecting its culture. It is a rectangular or a square piece of fabric which is folded and placed over the head to cover it and tightened under the chin and most commonly in the world known as a headscarf. In many places, it knows as tarhah or shaylah
  • Khimar: it is too general, used to cover women’s head and face veil, it is one of the varieties of the scarf which include almost half of the body mostly top half, starting from the head ending up to the stomach. Leave only outer face unveils. It is one of the famous scarfs as it is comfortable to wear.
  • Abaya: this is most common in Arabian Gulf countries, just like a cloak for women like an overcoat is worn over other clothes when goes in public. It is usually black and made up of synthetic fiber, has different designs and embroidery as well as sequins.
  • Chador: this is an enveloping cloak; it covers the full body from top to bottom, most worn by Iran women. Unlike abaya, chador generally not fastened from the front.
  • Jilbab: it is one of the stylish forms of the cloak, similar to abaya but has some shape and more fitted, it has more variety and colors as well. It is like a coat that is touching the ground.
  • Niqab: this is a face veil allowing the women to may or may not cover the eyes; it is generally black and covers whole body.
  • Burqa: it covers the whole body but has a mesh-like design in front of eyes; this is most common in Afghanistan. Cover the body from head till tow, and this is more loosen and generally comes black.
  • shalwar kameez: This is a dress worn by both men and women according to the Indian subcontinent, a pair of loose pajamas along with long kurtas or tunic. It is available in different colors, designs. The fabric used is cotton, which is why mostly used in summers.

There are much variety and designs, and women could opt any one of them or different based on the occasion and weather, modern Islamic clothing for women allows them to wear which is comfortable and according to the religion.