How To Get The Best Cakes In Ludhiana?

best cakes in Ludhiana

The cake is the sweet food that is baked. Earlier cakes were just a modified version of bread but now there are several other ways of making a cake. Cakes can be prepared in many ways.  Some features of cake now match with other desserts like pastries, pies, and custards. These need several Ingredients in making. Some of the common ingredients are flour, eggs, butter, sugar, etc.

Cakes are often served on the table as a celebratory food item. Whether it is a birthday, anniversary or marriage people cut cakes to enjoy the moment with some sweet to make those memories sweet as well. There is no place on earth where you cannot get cake. Several best cake selling shops are available all over India and outside country. There are several shops which sell best cakes in Ludhiana, Punjab, Delhi, and all other parts of India.

Types of cakes

Like other parts of the country, the cakes shops in Ludhiana provide a variety of cakes. Some of which are –

  1. Butter cake: Butter cakes are made from creamed butter, eggs and flour. As long as the butter and eggs are beaten in flour, the air gets trapped and the cake becomes fluffy.
  2. Sponge cakes: these are the oldest form of cake that is made with the same traditional way of baking a cake.
  3. Chocolate and coffee cakes: chocolate cakes are usually everybody’s favorite. Among all other ingredients, one extra thing that is added in this cake is chocolates and coffee powder, in case of coffee cakes.
  4. Veg cakes: In India, we get several vegetarians who cannot eat cakes because it has eggs in it. In these cases, some cake shops make vegetarian cakes which don’t contain eggs. In place of the egg, they use baking powder to make the cake soft and fluffy.

Shapes of cake

The cakes are often described by the form and size. The cake can be small or large according to the consumers’ requirements. Small cakes are usually ordered or bought for individual consumption and large cakes are for parties, social gatherings, and other purposes. But some of the basic shapes of cakes are as follows –

  1. Sheet cakes
  2. Layer cakes
  3. Cake rolls
  4. Bundt cakes
  5. Swiss rolls

Some shops even provide the facility of customizing cakes as per the customer’s choice. One can order cakes according to their choice beforehand and get delivery on the day of the occasion. One type of cake that is very much in demand is the photo cake. In this, you can choose a photo that will come on the top just like a photo. Therefore, there are several shops where you get the best cakes in Ludhiana. Thus, no matter what the celebration is all about, cakes always make it special. Some cakes shops even offer the facility for delivery at home. This makes it easy for one because they receive cake is fast and easy at their doorstep without taking themselves out to the shops