How one can treat their colored hair

A lot of people love coloring their hair and it has become quite a fashion trend now. One can either color their entire hair or else they can make a few streaks of color so that the hair can look really stylish.  Colored hair can give one some distinguished look as well and it also make one look attracted in the crowd.

Colored hair can also be attacked by white flakes and it can cause certain itching. When that happens one can use the best anti dandruff shampoo for color treated hair so that they can eradicate those flakes from the scalp.

Coloring the hair can also mean that one needs to keep a certain things in mind. These are the tips to keep in mind when one is coloring the hair:

  • There are a lot of hair experts who say that one should not wash their hairfor at least 48 hours before they apply colour to the hair. But why one must stay away from washing? This is because then the natural oils can come out on the scalp and it always helps the colour to get properly fixed on the hair strands. The natural oil that has been secreted can also protect all the roots of the hair well from the ammonia which is present in hair colour and can damage the hair.
  • When this colour is applied then one must use some specific shampoos which are specially made to protect the colour controlled hair. And if one does not use that then the hair can become rough and it may also look very dull. One needs to use a shampoo which is absolutely paraben and sulphate free and have hardly other chemicals because they are light on coloured hair and they protect the hair very well. When shampooing is done one always needs to use a conditioner as well so that it can lock the moisture of the hair and try to keep it healthy. It is better if the shampoo and the conditioner is of the same brand.
  • When the hair colour is done, then one can also use a proper hair enriching mask. They must use it at least once a week so that the hair remains soft and smooth. One can make a nourishing hair mask at home as well. They can use eggs, curd and banana to make it and apply it on the hair. Keep it for an hour and then wash it off with a mild shampoo.
  • One must stop using unnecessary hair products on their coloured hair because they have a lot of chemicals and they can damage the hair and make it look really dull. They can dry out the hair from the roots and can lead to formation of white flakes.

One can check for some dandruff shampoo colored hair in the market because there are plenty. They can also ask their salon expert on what shampoo to use when they are facing white flakes.