Which Home Appliances Consume the Most Amount of Electricity


We are constantly reminding others – especially kids – to switch off the lights when leaving a room. But we do not always remember to follow the instructions. To be honest, many of us forget the rules that we ourselves make. Coming to the point, in case your electricity bills are giving you sleepless nights, consider other alternatives. You might not realize but switching from normal bulbs to energy savers can make a lot of difference. That way, you can invest the saved money elsewhere. A holiday to Paris maybe? So, a better option is to switch to energy-saving alternatives. It is always the best idea to get your expensive appliances insured. For example, the gas central heating cover is something you would definitely want. Because those heating systems are anything but cheap!

However, before you decide to switch to energy efficient appliances, know which of those consume the most amount of electricity.

Fridge Freezer

Fridge freezer consumes the most amount of energy in your houses. A typical refrigerator consumes 1,000 Watts of electricity an hour. In fact, according to estimates, around 30.6% of the electricity in your homes is consumed by the refrigerators. Which makes it almost 1/3rd of the total electricity consumed. That is too significant an amount to be ignored. Anyhow, there are ways by which you can ensure that you save electricity. While not throwing your refrigerators out of your houses either.

  • Keep the thermostat of your refrigerators somewhere between 36 and 38 degrees. And that of your freezers from 0 to 5 degrees
  • Defrost regularly. Because a frost build-up affects the efficiency
  • Make sure the door seals are strong
  • The back of the fridge should be dust free
  • Avoid keeping the fridge/freezer door open for longer than is required

Start following these easy tips and you can cut down that electricity bill by a couple of pounds.

Tumble Dryer

A tumble dryer consumes 4,000 watts of energy an hour. But it still ranks lower than the refrigerator because you do not keep it switched on throughout the day. Anyway, it is a necessity. But there are ways to ensure that the dryer does not cost you much.

  • You might not like it but opt for an alternative that won’t cost you a single penny- the clothesline
  • Use the spin cycle rather than drying the clothes straight
  • Do not dry the smaller loads
  • Put similar materials together while drying a batch
  • Untangle your clothes before dumping them in the tumbler so that they have room to breathe. Hence, drying quicker than the tangled clothes

Electric Oven

An oven consumes 1,000 Watts of electricity an hour. Using an electric hob is more expensive than using the gas alternative. But, do not worry. There are ways by which you can use your electric hobs more efficiently. Hence, saving electricity consumption.

  • Use the right size of pan to save the energy you waste on heating the extra bit
  • While cooking vegetables put just enough water in the pan
  • Choose the right size of ring for the pan
  • Cover the pans with the lids to keep the heat from escaping
  • Use a steamer
  • Use flat based pans


You can’t do without it, can you? Well, no one can, to be honest. After the refrigerator, this is the most used appliance in every household. According to a study, an average user watches television for 6.5 hours every day. Here are some ways by which you can save energy while still watching the television:

  • Go for a television set with an A or A* rating to save the energy
  • If you are aiming to buy an LCD, go for a smaller size
  • Ditch Plasma TVs. They consume the most amount of energy
  • If you do not plan to invest in a new TV as of now, turn the backlight setting of your current set to low. This will save energy as well
  • Do not leave your TV on standby


While the dishwashers are a big help in the kitchen, they also consume a lot of energy. However, if you make the following hacks a part of your life, you can use your dishwashers efficiently.

  • Research before you buy a dishwasher – aim to purchase the one with an A-A* rating
  • Load your dishwasher correctly. Opt for full-load each time you do the dishes

Now you know about the top 5 appliances that consume the most electricity. However, after making a smart purchase, get your appliances covered. You can find many great deals like best boiler cover, no excess payment! In addition to being affordable, you get to make claims if your boiler suffers damage. So, do your research and find out for cover options for different appliances.

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