Top 5 Firewood Species and Their Features to Consider Before Buying

Top 5 Firewood Species and Their Features to Consider Before Buying

Arranging firewood is not that easy that you consider it a decade ago. Trees are decreasing at an alarming rate so the scarcity of wood is increasing day by day. The urban areas are facing more scarcity than rural areas because of the lack of trees. In these locations, you can find local and online stores supplying good quality firewood. Before buying, you must be aware of this fact that all firewoods are not suitable for burning. Some of them comprise high calorific value, some are long lasting whereas some release poor quality flame. For indoor and outdoor locations, you need to choose different types of firewoods. For instance, the firewood for indoor burning must release a low level of smoke whereas the firewood for the outdoor need to be long-lasting. Here are some species of firewoods that you can buy for a consistent & high-quality flame.

Firewood species suitable for effective combustion

1. Ironbark

The ironbark firewood in Sydney is highly in demand because of its flame consistency. It is among the large species of eucalyptus trees and abundantly available all over Australia. The ironbark tree can survive in dry regions and has a large size. A seasoned stock ironbark firewood is enough to keep you warm in the entire winter season. While burning, it releases very less amount of heat which is suitable for indoor combustion. Ironbark is hard firewood that you can use for burning inside a fireplace of home. It is abundantly available across the region, thus; you don’t need to waste excess of money for buying a complete cord.  

2. Birch

Birch firewood is a suitable fuel for burning in chilling winters. You can find numerous species of birch depending n different regions. The black birch grows on mountainous regions and has densely packed fibers that make it a good choice if you want consistent flame for a long time. Also, it has a small diameter which is suitable for easy cutting and seasoning. The yellow birch grows in swamp areas with silver-yellow bark. Along with burning, it is also a good option for furniture manufacturing. Only the white birch is not suitable if you are expecting a consistent flame. However, it is useful for various other commercial purposes.     

3. Redgum

Just like ironbark wood, redgum is also among the species of eucalyptus. It grows near the rivers and is much larger in size than ironbark. Even one or two trees are enough to fill the stock of a firewood seller. As the name is illustrating, it is red in color from inside and good fuel option for both indoor & outdoor combustion. Most of the eucalyptus species are widely utilized as firewood because the furniture is not long lasting as it gets infested by termite easily.

4. Pine

Pine comprises 126 known species of trees spread almost in every continent. Some of them are meant for expensive furniture whereas some for burning. Not all species of pine are suitable for combustion. For instance, the Chir pine catches fire instantly but release too much smoke which is not suitable for indoor purpose. For camping purpose, it is an ideal fuel.

5. Apple

The wood of apple is a great quality fuel that you can avail from any firewood store. If Ironbark firewood in Sydney is more expensive, go with the option of apple. During the season of pruning, you can expect it at an affordable price because of the abundance. The wood of apple burns efficiently with an aromatic smoke which is good for cooking too.

These 5 species firewood trees are abundantly available in Australia, thus; you will not face any issue regarding the availability of price.