Pruning Process and Why it Is a Necessary Service for Your Trees

Pruning Process and Why it Is a Necessary Service for Your Trees

The green trees standing in your garden looks beautiful until you are maintaining their growth with adequate pruning, trimming & fertilizing. In a forest, trees grow randomly in any direction because adequate land is available. On the other hand, private property has limited space for managing everything. Therefore, regular maintenance by professionals is necessary. Most of the trees require regular pruning which means the removal of extra branches. You can not randomly remove any branch without knowing its significance. Therefore, the assistance of a professional arborist is necessary. They know the right technique of making a right cut on specific branches. The most significant reasons for tree pruning are mentioned below in details.

Why do we need a tree pruning expert?

1. Identification & removal of infected branches

The branches of trees also get the infection by a bacterial or fungal infestation. It gradually spread throughout the large branches or even trunk that finally kill a tree. Sometimes, this infection is also communicable that spreads all over the garden or orchard to ruin it. Pruning is an effective preventive way to keep your tree healthy. The experts of tree pruning service in Chatswood closely examine a tree to mark the infection and execute its removal process.

2. Control the growth of a tree

In a limited space, you need to accommodate multiple plants which is not possible without pruning. By reducing the growth of extra branches, a tree remains in good shape & never interfere with your property. In this way, the process of pruning is also helpful in improving the overall appearance of a tree.

3. New branches with better crop yield

In commercial farms, trees are meant for growing a good amount of crop that can be fruits & flowers. The main aim of a tree pruning company is to improve the yield of crops with better quality. It is only possible when new branches grow in the place of old ones. You can expect better flowering as well as the good size of fruits after pruning a tree.

4. Dead branches removal

A tree pruning service provider also identify the dead branches and remove them before they become homes to the parasites. The removal of extra branches also allows sunlight to pass through adequately which is necessary for photosynthesis.

Tree pruning process

The process of pruning a tree involves years of experience in attaining right skills. You can trust only professional arborists for this job. On the first visit, they examine the entire tree to mark down the branches for cutting. This includes infected, dead & overgrown branches. Once the marking process finishes, they use hand pruner scissors to make perfect cuts on all branches. If an unskilled person is using this tool for pruning, they can ruin the entire tree by halting its further growth. Every tree has a specific pruning season. Arborists hold adequate knowledge regarding the suitable time to prune a tree of apple, orange or mulberry.

From the above information, it is clear that pruning is an essential part of the maintenance of a tree. You need to find a proficient agency of arborists holding prior experience in dealing with the trees of your garden. Never try this procedure after watching a DIY video otherwise you will ruin the entire tree.