Best Residential Exterior House Painters Services to Paint High Walls and Ceilings

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High ceiling houses are trending day by day. The homeowners are preferring the high ceilings in their new home constructions. Although the high walls and ceilings enhance the inner space of your house and make it more beautiful, painting these high walls and ceilings is more challenging. It is quite tricky and requires advanced skills. Choosing a professional exterior house painter will help you to evenly paint your high walls and ceilings to restore and maintain the elegance of your lovely house interior as well as exterior.

Before starting for painting your high peak ceilings, first prepare your room by moving the maximum possible things out of your room. Cover all the furniture and floor with a drop cloth to protect it from the droplets of the paint. Start your painting job with the ceiling and then move towards the wall painting. It will cover-up all paint drops printed on the walls during the ceiling painting. Various commercial exterior painters in Victoria offer their valuable services to their clients to worth their every penny.

Either you have hired a professional painter or you are self doing your paint job, you should consider some tried and tested tricks that will help you to fill the gap between your brush and the high ceiling surface in a professional way.

Arrange All the Tools and Equipment Required to Paint Your High Walls and Ceilings

First of all, collect all the tools and machinery required for painting your high walls and ceilings. There are so many equipments like small or giant ladder, scaffolds, airless paint sprayer, sprayer tip, extension pole, work plank, Hand masker, painter’s tape, roller cover, Wooster roller frame, and angled brush, you will need to reach, to paint, and to provide a perfect finish to your peak walls and high ceilings. These tools essentially make your painting job easy, effective and quicker.

Choose the Best Option for Painting High Walls and Ceilings

There is a plateful of options available to paint your high walls and ceilings. Choosing the right one among them depends on the multiple factors like the size of your room, the height of your walls, type of your ceiling, the tools you have, and the last but not least your budget. Let’s have a look at the different high ceiling paint strategies and their criteria to use.

  • If you are planning to paint a ceiling having a small area and a lower height than 10’ using a roller and extension pole is a good option.
  • You can paint your high ceilings by using a sprayer, extension wand, and an A-frame ladder. This method is very simple, fast, and convenient for all types of high ceilings.
  • Another option to paint your high ceilings is through setting up two ladders in a frame and placing a work plank crossing from one ladder to another. This method is good for all sizes of rooms.

Prime and Paint the High Ceilings and Walls

Apply a primer to your ceilings and walls. Start with your ceilings. With the help of a painter’s tape, mask the perimeter of your ceiling where it meets with walls. Apply the primer with the help of a roller. Stroke the angle shaped brush in the shape of W on the peak of the walls to apply the paint. Then fill the remaining space of W with paint of your choice. 

Clean Up

After completing the painting of high ceilings and walls, pick up your drop cloths, close up your paint cans and leave the space to dry out the paint. To get optimum results don’t make hurry of putting things touching to the walls and the ceilings. It can turn your painting patchy and cakey. Allow the paint to dry well and then decorate your room as per your wish.

With the help of all essential painting tools and by following each step very carefully the paint job of high walls and ceilings become too simple and interesting and ends with a professional output.