How to Search for The Best Ceiling Fan

best designer ceiling fans in India

Ceiling fans in India were introduced to our lives early as a means to provide air circulation in hot and humid summer days. Design and attractiveness were not something much worried about when one bought a ceiling fan and so they were usually simple in design, with a fixed length and breath and something to be switched on and forgotten. The consumer of today needs not only functional excellence but also an amalgamation of the fan with the room’s interiors to look like a part of the entire decor. The usage of trendy ceiling fans is not restricted to indoors but nowadays also used in lawns, patios and balconies. And thus the emergence of our range of the best designer ceiling fans in India.

We deck our trendy ceiling fans with unique designs and styles to make them stand apart and be a part of your room’s design requirements. Number of blades, colours, light fixtures on the fan as well as the performance of the fan even under lower voltages are experimented and tested thoroughly before they are allowed to hit the market. Our designers draw their inspiration from various sources including vintage styles as well as from more modern outlooks with minimalistic and futuristic approach to give you a wide array of best designer ceiling fans in India.

Our trendy ceiling fans come in various shades and finishes like highly polished to shimmery to matte finish and with anti-dust coating to help you minimise on their upkeep. We use various materials to create our designs to suit your tastes like wood, brass, aluminium, copper and various alloys to give the fans the required panache to stand out and yet blend with their surroundings. Our futuristic range of fans have unique blade styles and angles to look beautiful while being extremely functional.

Our vintage range of ceiling fans come with artistic patterns that provide the perfect ornamentation for the motor housings and brackets to blend into the background and bring out the design elements. Our models come with many kinds of fancy stylish lights that can be operated by different means like chains, remote control or the quintessential buttons. These fans are crafted keeping in mind your individual style quotient and are a definite addition to your home.

Find out the type of fan you should choose with this quick checklist below:

  1. Location Indoor or Outdoor: An indoor ceiling fan will not be able to withstand the ravages of nature that the outdoor environment will throw at it. Similarly the outdoor fan might not look good indoors and will be an overkill in terms of technology.
  2. Calculate optimal size: Take a fan not just to suit the design requirements but also be functional. A small fan in a large room will not help and neither will a large fan in a small room. A 44 inches fan is best for smaller rooms whereas a 60 inches fan should be used for room sizes of over 30 sq feet.

Fan mounting height: The optimum distance between the fan and the ceiling determines the usage of your fan towards air circulation in a perfect manner. All of our fans come with a standard downrod that you can adjust as per your room height at the time of installation.