6 Ways To Prepare Your Roof For The Rainy Season

Your home might be strong and sturdy but it is still vulnerable to natural disasters and weather abuse. One such climatic danger is the rainy season. Characterised by heavy rains and strong winds; they can cause some serious damage to your house and especially your roof. The intense summer heat might have broken down the shingles and other elements of your roof but the rains would wash it away and deteriorate its condition to a critical level. However, you can protect it by taking the following steps.

Get a thorough roof inspection

It is critical to get your roof thoroughly inspected by a qualified and experienced roof contractor. They can do a detailed and critical inspection and identify both trivial and major repair requirements. You must also do the same after the rainy season and before winter to make sure that they do not suffer any major damage.

Perform all the required roof repair

Once you have identified all the repair needs of your roof; it is critical that you get the necessary task done by an experienced contractor dealing in roof repairs Newcastle. This will leave it strong and robust enough to withstand the harsh abuse of the rainy season.

Clean all the gutters and downspouts

Gutters and downspouts receive plenty of solid wastes like fallen leaves and other debris along with water waste. These gradually accumulate and clog them due to which rainwater can back up and accumulate on your roof and other areas. This can cause various issues like damp, leaking, etc. Cleaning them will make sure the smooth removal of rainwater and the protection of your house against water damage. Simultaneously, you must also repair if any damage is spotted on them.

Check all the ceilings and walls

A critical inspection of ceilings and walls of your home will reveal water damage if any. This is a clear indication of roof leaks which must be taken care of on a priority basis.

Trim all trees and bushes surrounding your house and roof

It is important to clear away all overhanging branches, trees and bushes around your roof and your house. The strong winds and heavy downpours can break them which can puncture your roof and the walls of your house. This can leave your home vulnerable to developing plenty of major problems.

Reseal your doors and windows

The doors and windows of your house act as a terrific defence mechanic during non-stop rains during the rainy season. But if their sealing is improper or has broken; they will not only leak plenty of precious heat from the house outside but would also allow rainwater to enter your house. They might just get accumulated there and cause issues like damp, mould and mildew growth and a bad smell permeating in the house. Resealing all doors and windows by using weather stripping, caulk, foam tape, window film etc. will help the leakage of both heat and water. This will keep your house safe and cozy.

Once you take these proactive steps; you can relax back and enjoy the showers that make the earth go wet and definitely cool!