Yoga for Sciatica: Poses That Prevent Back Pain

Yoga for Sciatica

The sciatic nerve is the largest and longest nerve in the body. It is located in the lower torso of the body, from the thighs to the feet. The symptoms of sciatica are pain anywhere within the lower back down to the legs. You might also feel fatigue from the legs down to the feet. There might also occurence of electric or tingling feeling. It is like there are pins and needles inside your body. If you are experiencing those symptoms, it is sciatica. You do not have to suffer from these. There are treatments such as Dr. Ho’s 2 in 1 Back Decompression Belt that will help you overcome the pain. Get Your Halo Health New Coupon Codes and discounts now and treat yourself away from the pain.   

There are many medical solutions and remedies for sciatica. But one of the effective ways to say goodbye to the sciatic nerve is to exercise, stretching, and yoga poses. Here are some helpful yoga poses to prevent back pain:

1. Cobra Pose

How to do this:

Lie on a flat surface facing the floor. Stretch your legs straight at the back. From where you are lying, but put the force in your hands and straighten your arms while putting the pressure on it also. You will be making a position wherein your upper torso is elevated and your lower torso is pressed on the floor. From your position, do the yoga proper breathing techniques for at least 5 times then repeat thrice. 

2. Camel Pose

How to do this:

Kneel on a flat surface. You better should have a yoga mat so it will not be painful on the knees. Bring your hands at your back while reaching the sole of your feet. Let your back be bent while your hands are reaching. Stay in the position for at least 5 breathing and then repeat three times. 

3. Half Lord of the Fishes Pose

How to do this:

Start by sitting on the floor and your legs are stretched out in front of you. Cross your right leg over the left. Your left hand is over your right leg. It is like supporting the right leg. Your left leg should be bent inward. Stay in the position while doing 5 breathing techniques. Repeat 3 to 5 times. 

4. Hand-to-Toe Pose

How to do this:

Lie on the floor with your back prone to it. Slowly lift your right leg bending over your upper torso. Put a strap on your foot. Hold the strap while you are stretching straight your foot upward. Rich the strap until your arms are straight. Make sure that your hands are touching the strap. Stay in the position for at least 5 breathing and then repeat three times. 

5. Standing Twist.

How to do this:

This may be one of the simplest yoga poses. You just need to stand near a wall. The wall should be on your side. You can do this at the stairs or you can grab a box. Put your foot on top of the box. From that position, touch the walls on your both hands then your upper torso is facing the wall. Stay in the position for at least 5 breathing and then repeat three times and then do the same on your other side.