What Is Hair Transplantation And How Much Does It Cost?

Cheapest Hair Transplant Cost In India

There are many people who are suffering from severe hair loss and balding issues in India. The ratio of Indian surgeons is less when compared with the ratio of the affected people. As the years passed, hair transplant surgery becomes a more popular and well-recognized treatment for those who are suffering from hair fall. Also, the cost of this surgery is reasonable when compared with other countries. Hair fall is a common problem happened for everyone in their lifetime. Cheapest Hair Transplant Cost In India helps you to stop worrying about this issue and motivates the patients by saying the hair fall problem is a curable one.

A hair transplant is a cosmetic surgical method in which hair from the donor area is implanted in the patient’s bald area. It can also be used to restore the hair in certain areas such as eyelashes, brows, beard, etc. Indian hair transplantation is preferred by most of the people because they have a lot of well-experienced surgeons as well as having the finest facilities for surgery. People from other countries also prefer surgery in India because of the economic cost.

What is the cost of this surgery in India?

Hair transplant surgery is considered to be the mysterious one in India before a few decades. The cost of this surgery has also not known by the people. The cost may vary depending on the location the people prefer to have. It generally ranges thousands to lakhs including all initial consultation but excluding the post-care and medication fees.

What are the factors influences Hair transplant cost in India?

  • Method of surgery
  • Cost of FUT hair transplant
  • Cost of FUE hair transplant
  • Cost of DHI hair transplant
  • Stages of balding
  • Size and number of follicular units required
  • area of transplant
  • number of sessions required
  • additional procedures and post-care

The above mentioned are the few factors that influence the cost of hair transplantation in India. Apart from FUT, FUE and DHI procedures, there is an advanced procedure follow up for this treatment. When it comes to the latest innovation, robotic transplant surgery is definitely on our list. In this method, the surgeon uses the robots which are made latest. While using this procedure, we can have the result quickly and successfully with cost-effectiveness. It is one of the techniques used by many Clinique in India.

What is the post techniques followed after surgery?

The procedure of Cheapest Hair Transplant Cost In India involves specific steps that need to be followed after surgery. After a few days of swelling in the scalp, the face is the most common side effect after hair transplant surgery. You will be provided by antibiotics, steroids plus painkillers for a few days for protection. The affected grafts are to be wet with the saline water repeatedly; it is washed with a diluted shampoo the next day in a doctor specified manner without disturbing the grafts.