Varicocele: What is it and how can it affect you?


Different types of health conditions are there and speaking of varicoceles, these are somewhat similar to varicose veins, but they emerge around the testicles rather than the legs. They do not generally cause any serious problems, but they can hugely impact male fertility.

When this does happen?

These things happen when specific veins in the scrotum turns out to be enlarged, because of a malfunction in some of the valves engaged in pumping the blood. They impact nearly 15 percent of males, and they incline to create between the ages of fifteen to twenty five years. Varicoceles usually affect only one side, generally the left.However, you don’t have to panic because there is also good Herbal medicine for Varicocele out there for its cure.

A varicocele is a rise of the veins in the scrotum. It is the bag that possesses the testes. They are somewhat similar to varicose veins of the leg. These affect a kind of vein known as the pampiniform plexus. The pampiniform plexus is found in that of the spermatic cord. This cord even holds the vas deferens, the tube that takes along sperm, and also the testicular artery, that transports blood to the testicles.

For your information the formation of sperm is most efficient at nearly thirty four point five degrees Celsius, or ninety four point one degrees Fahrenheit, rather than the standard of body’s thirty seven degrees Celsius. This is one of the reasons that the testes physically get separate from the trunk of body.You know the main role of the pampiniform plexus is simply to cool the arterial blood before it touches the area of sperm. It does this via a proper heat exchangemechanism.Varicoceles can disrupt such type of cooling system. And it can avert the testicles from generating good quality sperm.


You know the treatment is not always necessary, unless there is:

  • a low sperm count
  • pain and any type of discomfort
  • infertility that has continued for at least two years and is otherwise unexplained

In these cases, surgery can also be recommended. But again, if you don’t want that you undergo any type of medical procedure or surgery then you should take some medicines like herbal medicines. These medicines are turning out to be a blessing for man y people these days. People are using it to ensure that their health stays fit and effective.


Varicoceles hardly cause pain, but if these do, the pain will likely:

  • vary from sharp to dull pain
  • get worse when standing or during physical exertion
  • decrease when you are lying on your back
  • worsen as the day unfolds 

Remember that these Varicoceles will often go unnoticed, but a physician can notice them during a medical procedure or examination. If you experience any type of strangeness then you must talk to a doctor.

Conclusion Thus, take the best ayurvedic medicine for varicocele and ensure that your health is good, effective and safe. After all, you would never want your health to get deteriorated right?