Screen glasses do they work

Screen protection glasses are becoming a hot trend among the masses of every generation. Screen protection glasses are a new innovative way from saving your eyes from harmful blue light rays emitted from the various digital devices such as computers, laptops, iPads and smartphones. They are 100% effective towards safeguarding your eyes and maintain good eye health. Here’s how they work and protect our eyes.

What is Blue light?

It’s so common with us that we have often felt tired and annoyed by the constant eye itching during computer use. Our modern life has made us dependent on various digital devices and starting from youngsters to adults, we sit for long hours gazing at our computer or smartphone screens that gives us several eye discomfort. It’s all because of blue light, he’s the victim to blame for your late-night Netflix binge-watch and getting eye strain while doing that.

Blue light is shorter wavelength than emits high energy rays. It is omnipresent in our surroundings as it is emitted from the sun, LED lights and our digital devices. Blue light emitted from the computer screen gets penetrated in the retina of our eyes and eyes are not equipped to reflect or block it. This is where the problem starts, blue light constant absorption in our eyes cause eyestrain, dry-eye, headaches and uneven sleeping pattern. These bundles of complication are prevalent to every age group and are responsible for potential vision damage.

Should we worry about Blue light exposure?

Yes! We should take immediate action towards protecting your eyes from blue light rays. Blue light rays are responsible for several eye discomforts such as eyestrain, dry-eye syndrome and headaches. Since we can’t minimize the use of computers and smartphones as they have turned to be an integrated part of our lifestyle but taking the right protection action turns to be an effective solution.

How do Screen Protection Glasses help?

Screen Protection glasses are highly effective towards protecting our eyes from harmful blue light rays and eliminating other eye health issues mentioned below.

Eliminate Sleep Disruption

Blue light regulates our circadian rhythm, also known as the sleep/wake cycle. Basically, it’s how our bodies know when to go to sleep and when to wake up. Coffee is not the only one that’s responsible for keeping us awake and active in the morning; blue light from emitted from the sun is also responsible for keeping us cheerful and energetic. The problem starts when we continue to use computers and smartphones late at night that those blue light disrupt our natural sleep patterns by unnaturally exposing us to blue light at night. Glasses for screen protection effectively block them out and don’t let blue light and our eyes interact thus reclaiming a good night’s sleep.

Diminishes Eyestrain

We are already aware of the fact that prolonged exposure to blue light causes permanent damage to our eyes. We’ve all experienced digital eye strain from staring at a computer screen for long periods. And these days it’s even more pronounced, as we spend a significant portion of our workday looking at our smartphones, tablets, computer screens. Even while relaxing, we play video games, read on a tablet, or watch TV. All these activities expose us to artificial blue light. Digital screen glasses get rid of eyestrain and keep your eyes charged up.

Where to get Quality Digital screen Protection glasses?

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