Safe, Painless, and Effective Treatment for Meningioma in India

Meningioma Surgery Cost in India


Tumour or Meningioma disorder can be a highly challenging situation a patient can face. It is traumatic not only for the patient but for the family too. Now, if your doctor recommends you for the surgery, all you expect is a satisfactory result and healthy living after the treatment.

One of the latest and helpful techniques for the best treatment is CyberKnife.

Treatment for Meningioma in India is as per the recent cyberknife robotic stereostatic surgery. The best neurosurgeons in the country after a prolonged test of the surgery have started using it, as it provides the desired outcome to the patients.

More About CyberKnife Treatment for Meningioma or Tumour in India:

In this process, the patient no more requires to undergo the invasive surgery to avail the benefits from the meningioma treatment. The doctors make use of the beam of the radiation to damage and vanish the cells causing the tumour. For this process, the patient does not need to stay in the hospital and just have to visit the centre at the time of appointment for the treatment.

Even after radiation therapy, the patient can leave for home on the same day. It makes significant improvisation in the surroundings of the patient. A patient will not have to stay away from the family, and they can get the necessary moral support. At the same time, they can stay away from the stressful environment in the hospital which helps for a speedy recovery.

If you are concerned about the procedure of the treatment, then you have to simply lie down on the table, and the cyberknife moves all around your head to reach all directions. The device is maintained on the moving robotic arm. The intensity of radiation is controlled and released as per the need of the personalised condition of the patient. The device has a linear motion and the patient is managed on the bench as per the region affected by the tumour.

The controlled radiation process not only deals with the precise healing of the affected cells, but there is an assurance that the healthy cells remain unaffected by the process.

The medical tourists travelling to India for the meningioma treatment shall consider a stay of one week. The process may take three to five days for completion. It entirely depends on the severity of the disorder. After the completion of the radiation therapy, doctors might take an additional day for the diagnosis. Tests are essential to ensure that the treatment delivers expected results, and will not introduce any harm in the patient later.

Final Words:

Meningioma treatment in India is effective. If your condition indicates healing with non-surgical procedures, then one can attain the cure faster and better. Coming to the Meningioma Surgery Cost in India, it entirely depends on your medical health. Keeping in mind all the cost varying factors of the treatment, the price range remains fixed between USD 4,000  to 9,000.