Know if You Are Suffering From Insomniac Symptoms

Insomniac Symptoms

How often do we hear the stories of people who are not able to sleep at night and then sleep very little? Well, Insomnia is a common sleep disorder that needs no introduction. You may still feel a bit tired when you wake up but that is insomnia which is sapping your energy level and the mood. It also saps your work performance and life.

The amount of sleep you get varies from person to person but the most basic thing is that an adult needs 6-7 hours of sleep.  

When you have been having this for a while now but if you still don’t know what you are undergoing, then you can know if you are suffering from insomniac symptoms.

Symptoms of Insomnia

Once you know your symptoms of insomnia, you don’t need to put up with them anymore. You can visit a sleep clinic such as Low T Center that will take care of your shortcomings. Also, some simple changes in your lifestyle can help in this fight.

Symptoms are:

  • Difficulty in falling asleep at night
  • Waking up and trouble of not going back to sleep at night
  • Going to sleep late at night and waking up too early.
  • Daytime sleepiness
  • Not feeling rested after a good night’s sleep
  • Increased accidents
  • Hard to remember or focusing on tasks
  • Depression or anxiety

How to get out of this problem?

Every problem has a solution. When you think that insomnia is not able to make your function, you need to go to a sleep clinic and consult a doctor. They will help you identify the cause of the sleep problem and how it can affect you physically and mentally. They may do a few tests and you need to undergo them to feel better.

What can be the causes of such sleep disorders?

There is specific insomnia only because of stress and the various life events that affect or disrupt the sleep pattern. If you can make peace with your life events or treating the underlying issue, perhaps the thing which can last for years can be cured within some time.

Here are some common causes of chronic insomnia that people generally face:

They are mainly because of stress, travel or work schedule. You may not get proper need due to concern about family, health, work, finances that keep your mind all time active. Even some stressful life events such as trauma or death of someone or illness of a loved one can lead to insomnia.

It can also be due to poor sleep habits or eating habits. When you have an irregular bedtime schedule or you take naps in the afternoon or evening, you are disturbing the circadian rhythms of the body. It can also cause your metabolism to take a blow too. The late-night shifts you work in your office may cause some problems too. If you are sleeping in the wrong places that might help affect your sleep too.

Hence, eating too much late in the evening or disrupting your internal clock may do more damage than you think. 

The other few causes of insomnia can be because of the medications and medical conditions. There are a lot of prescription drugs that can keep you awake at night. They may also have caffeine and other stimulants that can disrupt your sleep.

Insomnia can be caused due to aging too. The more you older you become, you will experience the change in sleep patterns, and the sleep becomes less restful than you thought. Hence, as your internal clock advances, you get tired in the evening and you wake up earlier in the morning. But when you have a lack of activity, you will be able to suffer from insomnia. Chronic pain from any kind of health condition can also keep you awake.

Insomnia is not only observed in senior citizens but also in teens and youngsters. You are at a greater risk of insomnia if you are a woman. The hormonal shifts during the menstrual cycle and also in the menopause can play a role. You may even have the risk if you are over 60 years. The changes in sleep patterns and health, it can cause severe insomnia.


Thus, to prevent insomnia, you can go visit Low T center, a good sleep clinic who will suggest you good sleep habits and stay active. You need to avoid the number of naps you are going to take in the day so that you can sleep well at night. Apart from that, do not use nicotine at all. Do not have large meals or beverages before your bedtime because that will make you awake. Keep the bedroom comfortable and try finding a bedtime ritual where you can focus on yourself to sleep.