How to find the best MRI centers in Hyderabad

MRI scan centers in Hyderabad

What is MRI?

MRI stands for magnetic resonance imaging which is a unique technique where magnetic waves are used to create an image of the interior body parts. Thus, any kind of abnormal tissue growth like tumors and even any internal injuries can be detected by the help of MRI scans. Thus, due to the importance of the MRI scan, this technique is used in the detection of internal injuries in any case of an accident. When a patient arrives at an emergency they are first sent to the MRI scan after a preliminary treatment is done. This scan is done at almost all hospitals which have a well-built emergency center as well as in several cinques where they have such facilities.

Is MRI painful?

MRI scan involves the use of magnetic rays and is not painful at all. However, when the scan is done the patient is sent inside a tunnel-like structure. This feels a little claustrophobic and some people are very afraid of such situations. If you have such conditions then make sure you let the doctor know beforehand then they will provide a sedative to you or put you in mild anaesthesia. These scans are not painful and you need not worry about that. You will not feel anything during the scan. 

Is MRI harmful?

X-ray and some other clinical techniques use radioactive exposure of the human body. MRI does not involve any such things and is not harmful. However, during some MRI scans an image enhancement chemical is used. This chemical is known as gadolinium. This is harmful and has some mild side effects like nausea and vomiting. Otherwise, if this chemical is not used during the scan then there is absolutely no side effect of the MRI scan. This chemical is given in the form of an intravenous injection.

How to find the best MRI scan center in Hyderabad?

If you are looking for good MRI centers in Hyderabad then you can try looking around the jubilee hills or Banjara Hills area. They have a number of good Clinique and test centers where such scanning facilities are available. The cost of the scan in these areas is also quite affordable. However, if you are looking for an emergency scan facility then check out any hospital which has such a facility. When you go to scan center check whether it is 1.5 T or 3 T scan center. The 3 T scan centers offer better results and are more reliable. So, the next time you go for such a scan make sure you choose a 3 T scan center. A number of such 3 T scan centers are available across these areas and you can easily spot one. There are some good scan centers in the Gachibowli area as well so if you are on a budget you can check that out. Please consider that irrespective of the place that you choose the 3 T scans are more expensive than the 1.5 T scans.

Is MRI harmful to pregnant ladies? 

Usually, an MRI scan is not performed in a pregnant lady. However, it has been studied that the MRI scan is harmful to the foetus in the first trimester but that is not valid for the 2nd and the 3rd trimester. The chemical gadolinium is harmful to the fetus in any stage of pregnancy. Thus, despite no discrete proof on the harmful effects of MRI on the fetus or the pregnant mother an MRI scan is not recommended for a pregnant lady except for in case of emergency when there is a life risk of either of the two involved. If you visit a scan center the pregnant ladies are asked to stay away from the X-ray and other radioactive scanning facilities but in case of MRI facilities, such restrictions are not imposed. 

Can MRI detect cancer?

It is considered that MRI images can differentiate between the cancerous tissues and the normal tissues due to a difference in the behaviour of the 2 tissues. Thus, sometimes for cancer detection an MRI scan using 3 T facilities is advised by a doctor. But remember that a regular technician in the facility or even a general physician is not the ideal person to read your report. The MRI report has a lot of detailed information which can be correctly understood by a specialist radiologist who is trained for such a purpose. So, if you are spending your money on a scan then make sure you spend a few extra pennies to get your reports checked by an experienced radiologist.

How to find an emergency MRI scan facility in Hyderabad in case of any unpleasant situation?

If you are in any medical emergency in Hyderabad you can just search for a nearby emergency MRI facility in any hospital around the city. The medical technology in the city is highly developed and you will definitely find a hospital nearby which has a 24 X 7 emergency MRI scan facility. Just search for MRI scan centers in Hyderabadand you can visit the nearest scan center. Usually, in Hyderabad most 24 X 7 emergency scan centers provide quality service and that should not be a difficult task to find one as many such options are present all around the city. 

Tips for choosing the best MRI center anywhere

  • Choose a 3 T scan center
  • Always keep a 24 X 7 active MRI scan center in hand
  • Always consult a doctor who is an expert in this field
  • MRI is always in the budget so make sure you find one according to your budget as some centers are quite expensive in this city.

Thus, MRI is one of the best techniques to detect any medical difficulties so if you have not come across any good center then henceforth make sure you take note of some of the best canters in your city as per your budget and as per the ratings of the center.