How Ayurveda helps to improve memory

How Ayurveda helps to improve memory

If a weak memory or memory loss is a  botheration for you then top Ayurvedic products might be able to solve the problem. With Ayurveda natural remedies are opted to cure a host of diseases. Even though you might forget to put your pair of eye glasses or cells phones that could not a discrete idea, viable signs of dementia might creep in. Before it proceeds to a different level, there are some foods that you can opt to curb the early signs. Let us explore them in a nut shell


To increase your brain power almonds work out to be a viable choice and cope with amnesia. They are considered to be an important source of antioxidants along with omega 3 fatty acids sprucing up your mental processes. A piece of advice is that it is better if you consume it in the early morning, and it could be grinded with sugar and even milk. For a healthier alternative you can choose honey. It is also possible that you soak them in water and leave overnight.

Ayurveda herbs                 

 Ayurveda herbs in the form of licorice plant, ashwagandha, brahmi, rosemary or shankhapushpi are all blessed with medicinal properties helping your brain power. It is suggested that you regularly incorporate these herbs on to your diet to boast your brain powers. This will relax your mind and helps for its better functioning.

Fish oil

Among the top rated ayurvedic products in India to boast your memory powers.  The only loophole is you need to be a non -vegetarian to consume this product. It is loaded with a rich source of Omega 3 fatty acids that rekindles your brain cells. If you happen to be a veggie then fish oil and even the various sources of fish like salmon would not be ok with your dietary demands. In such cases it would be better to consume supplements of Omega 3 fatty acids that are already present in the market. Even you can opt for fenugreek seeds.

Amla or Indian Gooseberry

A combination of both of them works out to be an excellent source of vitamin C. This is also loaded with antioxidants rejuvenating your brain cells. Apart from this amla is blessed to possess properties strengthening your nervous system.  For managing Alzheimer’s disease it is rated to be the best choice. You can consume it in dried or raw form and in combination with sesame seeds you can have them.


To revitalize your mental health cinnamon rakes to be one of the popular choices. Not only you can go on to consume them but even smell it at the same time.  You can add a tinge of cinnamon to your food or with honey a teaspoon can be mixed and trust me all this would work wonders for your mental state of mind. To conclude the benefits of Ayurveda products are enormous. You can consider it as a branch of medicine being devoid of any major side effects.