Breast Cancer – How long does it take to develop?

breast cancer

Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer that develops in women. It is very difficult to estimate how the breast cancer in a person will change over the course of a year. There are different types of breast cancers which grow at different rates and there are a number of factors affecting their growth, thereby increasing its chances of spreading.

How fast can breast cancer grow?

According to the cancer hospital in India, it is hard to presume how quickly can breast cancer grow and develop in a person including the time frame as it is a disease which affects different people in a different manner. Breast cancer treatment completely depends upon the type as well as the growth of cancer that a person is suffering from. This cancer occurs because of the mutation in the cells present in the breast. Since mutations do not follow a predictable pattern of the division of the cell, it is very difficult to predict the progression of breast cancer.

These tumours usually appear when all the damaged cells replicated again and again in order to form a clump of abnormal cells. Breast cancer can also break off and move through the blood vessels or lymph to other parts of the body. If breast cancer cells begin to grow in other parts of the body, it is called metastasis. This kind of cancer is most likely to spread itself in the lymph nodes, bones, and lungs of a person. Breast cancer could be invasive as well as non-invasive. The former can spread to the connective tissues which surround the breast and the latter does not spread itself beyond the lobules and ducts.

According to the cancer hospital in India, different grades of breast cancer spread themselves in different ways in the body:

Grade 1-3: Grade 1 is slower-growing cancer and grade 3 is faster-growing cancer. A higher grade of cancer always suggests that the cancer is likely to grow faster to other areas of breast or body.

Stage 0-4: According to a cancer hospital in India, stage 0 cancer is non-invasive breast cancer which is present only in the ducts or lobules. Stage 1 is invasive, however, it remains smaller and nearby primary site. It is during the stage 1B that cancer spreads itself and reaches the lymph nodes. Stage 2 breast cancer happens to be invasive and the tumours are larger than in stage 1. This cancer may spread to the lymph nodes. Likewise, under stage 3, cancer spreads itself to the lymph nodes, more in number.

Stage 4 breast cancer develops itself in the other areas of the body, outside the breast and lymph nodes, mostly in the brain, lungs, bones, or liver. Breast cancer treatment at this particular stage focuses entirely on controlling cancer and preventing the same to spread any further.

Apart from this, there are various other personal factors which add to the growth and spread of breast cancer to the other parts of the body. These factors include the following:

Age during diagnosis

Status of the hormones

Family history of breast cancer

Exposure to pollution, sickness, and alcohol

Previous history of any kind of cancer.