Plantar Fasciitis: What You Need To Know

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The plantar fascia is a band of elastic tissue that goes from the calcaneus (the heel) to the metatarsal area (under the foot). The inflammation of this tissue, mainly in the area where the fascia is inserted with the calcaneus, is what we know as plantar fasciitis. The plantar fascia has a great biomechanical function when walking.

So, if you are facing any of this problem, or maybe a slightly different symptom, you must not let it stop you from walking. Yes, this can be treated if you consult with a podiatrist or  the best foot doctor for plantar fasciitis on time. Visit our website, DeNiel Foot and Ankle Center in Cypress, Texas, and talk to Dr. Ejodamen Shobowale. She is a general podiatrist who is an expert in hammertoe repair, bunionectomy, fasciitis and excisions.

Is plantar fasciitis a common problem?

Plantar fasciitis, or inflammation of the fascia, is a fairly common issue in the sports population (runners, athletes, soccer players, etc.), although it can also appear after age 45 in people who do not play sports.Some studies state that about 10% of the population may suffer from it at some time in their lives.If you have an inflammation of the plantar fasciitis, it is not ideal to apply some homemade therapy to it as it will not make a different, but more than likely will increase the problem. Visit to your nearest podiatric center, DeNiel Foot and Ankle Center in Cypress, Texas, today.

Men or women: who is more vulnerable in plantar fasciitis?

This foot issue is not only limited to men and athletes, women are also very susceptible to it. But, if one considers athlete percentage, men and women both are both evenly susceptible to plantar fasciitis. In women, there is a direct relationship between plantar fasciitis and the shortening of the posterior leg muscles. One of the causes that causes more shortening of the posterior chain in a woman is the continued use of heels. That is why it is very important, especially for young women, to alternate high-heeled footwear with much flatter shoes to prevent the leg muscles from “getting used to” the heel and shortening.

On the other hand, in ladies who have been wearing a high heel shoe for many years, the advice will be to try to decrease the height in a very progressive way, but never going from a high heel to flat since the tension increase that will occur in the tendon of Achilles, twins, etc., will exponentially increase the chances of plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, low back pain, etc.

Plantar Fasciitis Symptom?

The main symptom is an acute pain in the internal area of ​​the heel. That pain is usually more intense in the first steps we take when we get up. Once we have walked a little, the fascia is stretched and the discomfort usually decreases. In the case of athletes, pain may only appear in the morning and after sports. You must bear in mind that when the first symptoms appear, you must begin to take measures.

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