Be little careful if you like your hair colourful

What we do, is because we feel like doing it. Most of the time we are driven by our mood. Though a lot of factors come into force, its share is the most. Our mood is dependent on many things like our personal or professional life, the environment around us etc. It is our mood that decides whether we are going to wear blue or pink.

We set our hair differently for different occasion and season. Sometimes we fold our hair into a lazy bun, but sometimes we give a little colour to shine our hair. These are the various moods that leave its aftereffect on our hair for a longer period.

We colour our hair to make it more appealing and gorgeous but all our efforts will have zero impact when instead of these beautiful colours white flakes gets the limelight. It is a quite awkward situation especially when you are in a public event. These white flakes that are called dandruff, in general, does not only affect our appearance but it also causes issues that can be hard to deal such as irritation and other scalp related issue.

Therefore, we must take proper measure to ensure a dandruff-free environment for our colourful hair. We can do so by choosing the right hair care product that will support the health of our colourful-hair. The best way to find the right product is to find by the name ‘ coloured hair dandruff shampoo

It is advised to look for a product that will support colour treated hair because general haircare product might harm your hair-colour. Therefore, people use these tips to get rid of dandruff from colourful hair such as:

  • To choose a product that is sulfate-free as sulfate degrades the hair colour.
  • Restrict yourself from using commercial dandruff product as it can affect the colour of your hair and all your money can go into vain.
  • Switching to natural hair care is recommended as they not only cure dandruff but also helps you keep your hair colour intact. By using coconut oil, tea tree oil or apple cider vinegar on your scalp.
  • Another remedy is to apply yoghurt to your scalp live it for while then wash it with lukewarm water.
  • Intake for a healthy diet can help in balancing the pH of the scalp and hence reduce dandruff.

We can go to a dermatologist if it is serious but dandruff is not something that can ever be completely cured. It is present in everyone’s scalp and every time because it is nothing but a dead cell. A healthy scalp is one control it to a level that it is almost impossible to see it from the bare eyes.  We have hundreds of product out there that promises protection but only a few fulfil it. One of those promising product is “ best colour safe dandruff shampoo” . One can rely on it for enjoying dandruff free and colourful life.