Amazing Facts about the Hand Sanitizers

It’s imperative to maintain hygiene practices, especially during current times. The hygiene of your hands will ensure your protection from life-threatening Novel CoronaVirus, and a sanitizer plays a crucial part to ensure that. A few drops of sanitizer can kill bacteria and viruses within seconds.

So make sure to keep a hand sanitizer with you whenever you are going out for work and leisure outside with the unlock 3.0 anticipated to progress at a brisk pace after August 5, 2020. Whenever you touch things, by mistake, or shake hands with someone, or you’re outside and forget to wash your hands, a bottle of sanitizer in your pocket can protect you from contagious CoronaVirus. Apart from this, don’t forget a mask toobecause it’ll keep you safe from dust, pollution, and virus infiltration via airborne means in the form of droplets!

Often you are used to washing your hands with regular soap and water.

But what if soap and water aren’t available?

If you are outdoor and don’t have soap and water with you, then no wonder, you must keep a pocket-size hand sanitizer with you because, in the current situation, you’ll find life-threatening viruses everywhere. So, it’s essential to stay alert. However, soaps need an added hassle where you need an adequate water source, so the best practice is to use a hand sanitizer.

Correct steps of using a hand sanitizer

Firstly, you need to choose the best sanitizer because it’s one of the most noteworthy points. After that, take a coin-sized hand-sanitizer amount on your palm, rub your hands evenly, don’t leave any portion from fingers to the end of the palm’s front side, apply to the back of the palm as well for comprehensive sanitization.

Is regular hand-washing sufficient?

Regular hand-washing practices aren’t making sense now. Washing your hands with daily soaps just for a few times won’t keep the viruses away. But alcohol-based hand sanitizers take away the hassles with just pouring them in your hands and rubbing your hands gently, and it takes only a  few seconds to ensure complete safety. However, the best practice is not to apply sanitizers on hands which are too dirty to clean. Firstly, apply soap and water to wash your hands thoroughly to remove the grime and dust and then use the hand sanitizers.

Another method of using hand sanitizer for Dual Effect

If you have the best sanitizers, but they are chemically enriched, you may hesitate to eat food with sanitized hands. Hence, another practice to try is using soap and water once to remove the dust and grime and apply hand sanitizers, then wash your hands with lukewarm tap water. The sanitizer will kill the germs and viruses accumulated on hands, and plain lukewarm water will remove the smell and chemicals.

Some Essential Precautions While Using Hand Sanitizer

Not all sanitizers are great, few sanitizers exceed the required amount of alcohol, and post the application, you may start feeling skin irritation on hands. However, it may also lead to alcohol poisoning, so keep it away from little kids as they are used to swallowing things. Alcohol-based hand sanitizers can be harmful & poisonous because of ethyl alcohol’s availability in them. Therefore, you can choose some natural sanitizers like neem and aloe hand sanitizer or lemon and mint hand-sanitizer.

When, where, and how to use hand-sanitizer?

It’s always recommended to use the best quality sanitizers because they are reliable & more protective. When you are outdoor, and you don’t have water to wash your hands, a pocket-size hand sanitizer will always be there in your protection. Besides, you can use natural hand sanitizers before cooking, eating, going to the bathroom, in public transport, camping and traveling. If your sanitizer includes some strong chemicals, don’t skip washing your hands gently with soap and water before eating.

Kills bacteria and viruses by 99.9%

If you use the best sanitizer, whether alcohol-based or natural ingredients based, then, of course, it will kill bacteria and viruses to 99.9%. However, these sanitizers don’t stop the harm of disease, but it’s beneficial to prevent contagious disease transmission. Therefore, not just in corona-time, but they’ll also protect you from other infections, such as- colds, flu, or strep throat.

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