7 Best Tips on Summer Time Hair Care

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The hot season is here, the sun is merciless, and you have to go outside no matter what. Other than your skin but your hair also get damaged by the harsh sunlight, then what is the best way to prevent your hair from its bad effects? You can always use, ketomac anti-dandruff for this and forget about damage for the summer months at least.

In the summer, you suffer from several hair problems and to start, we must mention dandruff. However, there are several remedies on it as well and you have to know the better ones for your own benefits. Thus, here we have listed some tips for your convenience.

  1. Hair trimming

In the hot season, your hair gets prone towards splitting, so to avoid that, you have to trim your long or short hair. It will help it stay healthy and it will grow faster too. Also, if you are suffering from dandruff issues then your hair will not grow, so, you have to use, ketomac anti-dandruff shampoo to prevent the occurrence of it.

  • Avoid tight hairstyles

You must avoid having tight hairstyles in the summer season because it will pull on the roots and there will be a chance of hair fall. You can keep a messy braid and it will help the air to pass through and your hair will stay healthy.

  • Reduce the heat

As the season is hot already, you must not use a hair dryer to dry your strands, but try to use natural air for it. You can sit under the ceiling fan or use a table one, which will help the drying of your wet strands. If you use a dryer, its heat will bring incessant damage to your roots and in the summer it will be worse.

  • Saturate strands

If you are going for a swim, then you have to apply conditioner on your hair, it will protect the strands from getting affected by the sun and the elements in the water. Also, it’s a very good idea to wash your hair just after you have taken the swim, it will wash away the dirt and the conditioner too.

  • Use sunscreen

If possible, use a shampoo that has sunscreen elements in it. This will protect your hair from getting damaged by the UV ray. However, in this case, if you use an herbal one, it will not damage your hair.

  • Anti-frizz oil

In the summer month, you will get frizzy hair and to avoid that, you can use anti-frizz oil or a serum that will keep your strands silky and manageable. However, if you are not inclined to use the chemicals, you can go for coconut oil instead.

  • Use wide-tooth comb

If you are using a brush for your hair, then you must avoid that, and start using a wide-tooth comb. This will reduce hair fall, and it’s useful for untangling your strands too, where brushes will pull on the hair and tear it from the roots.

Stay stress-free this summer and maintain these above-mentioned points. This will help your hair to stay healthy and safe from the harsh sun.