Laptop Brands: How to Choose are the Best?

A laptop is one of the key gadgets owned by the young generation, business owners and others. If you have a notebook, then it is easier to complete many tasks at a time.

You can write an article on a word document, make a presentation and create a spreadsheet and listen to music while doing it. It is possible to switch between multiple tasks on one of the most reliable laptop brands such as HP, Dell, Acer and others.

If you are looking to bring home a sassy and yet quality laptop, then you may find it tough to do. It is because the number of laptop models at a price point is overwhelming in India.

Thus, it would be better to follow vital tips that may help you in choosing the best laptop models in 2019. Do you want to know more? Read on!

  1. Pick a platform

Laptops come with platforms such as Mac and Windows. Out of them, Windows are easy to use, and one of the most common laptop platforms being used for ages. On the other hand, even Mac is a decent platform, but it does not provide you with the ease of usages. Hence, if you are not used to Mac, it may take more time to complete on it than on a Windows laptop. 

  • Choose the right size

If you are a gamer, then you would need a laptop with a large display, and the same goes for users who want to enjoy movies marathons. Anything that’s 15.6 inches or more will be fine. On the other hand, if you have average and daily basis tasks, then you can go for a laptop size of 11.3 inches to 15.6 inches.

  • Check out the keyboard and touchpad

When you are into some urgent jobs on your laptop, the last thing that you would like is your touchpad and keyboard not working being slippery. Hence, it should be your duty to check out the keyboard and touchpad placement and functionality before buying a model. Of course, connecting a mouse and external keyboard is an option, but they will mean investing more.

  • Pick your specs

By laptop specifications, it means RAM, internal storage, storage expansion capabilities and more. Users with daily basis tasks will find it easier to enjoy multitasking on a device with 4 GB RAM + 256/500 GB Hard Disk Drive.

Gamers should aim for a laptop with at least 8 GB RAMS to enjoy the lag-free performance, along with SSD storage as well. Intel and AMD are both good processors, but Intel laptops are a bit expensive than AMD. It is because Intel holds an edge over it, but AMD notebooks are affordable. 

  • Pay attention to the battery life

The next thing is paying attention to the battery life of your most reliable laptop brands models that you want to put your money into. You won’t want the juice of your notebook draining out when you are in the middle of a vital task.

You should look for a laptop that provides you with at least 3-5 hours of battery backup. It would also be good to go for a machine that can charge the battery quickly.

  • Choose the most reliable laptop brands as per your budget

Your budget should finally decide on a laptop that you may want to buy. Best HP laptop for students and other brands may be the best bet for students. Once you have decided the budget, you can then start comparing multiple models placed in that category.

This way, you won’t need to strain your expenses and yet bring home a decent working laptop model. Budget laptops are available in India under 25000, while notebooks for professionals are under 30,000-40,000.

The cost of a gaming laptop may begin at around Rs.50,000 and may go up in lakhs. Thus, based on your budget allocation, it is possible to compare different branded laptops and then pick up your best devices.

Based on these essential tips, you can start by assessing your needs and then going ahead in picking up the best laptop models available in India in 2019. Laptops are costly investments and paying for them at once may mean hurting your wallets.

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