Why dark chocolates are good


Chocolates are delicious and there are hardly any people who do not love having them. In fact, there are plenty of varieties and flavours are available these days when it comes to chocolates.

So, one can go for chocolate gift baskets for their near and dear ones and fill them with a variety of assorted chocolates. Though there are many variations when it comes to chocolates, it is said that consuming dark chocolates are actually good for human health because they are full of anti oxidants and at the same time they are very rich in flavonoids.

There have been many studies that have showed that the darker the chocolates are the better they are for human health. These chocolates are said to be less processed and a good dark chocolate means it has to have at least 65 percent of cocoa. One can have them o or 2 ounces per day so that they can get some benefits from them.

Fighting back radicals

These chocolates as mentioned earlier are rich in anti oxidants and flavonoids and they mainly protect the cells that get damaged by free radicals. If there are too many free radicals present in the body, then it can attack the other cells and lead to some low grade inflammation and diseases like heart issues and cancer.

Prevents heart diseases

Dark chocolates have a major benefit which is playing a prominent role in preventing heart diseases. According to many studies and surveys, scientists have found out that people who have consumed more dark chocolates have significantly reduced their risk of heart diseases. In fact, they have 37 percent lower risk of developing heart issues if they eat a good amount of proper dark chocolates.

Decreases stroke risk

According to many scientific studies, if one eats 2 bars of dark chocolates (which should contain at least 70 percent of cocoa) then they have a 20 percent of lesser risks to have strokes as compared to the others. This is because, pure dark chocolates are full of flavonoids and it keeps the heart well.

Increases good cholesterol

Dark chocolates are said to be super food that lowers cholesterol. This is also because it contains cocoa butter. It is said that cocoa butter has obelic acid and it is the fat that keeps the human heart healthy. So, as this monounsaturated fat is present in dark chocolates they keep raising the HDL or the good cholesterol level in a human body.

Lowers blood pressure

It is said that eating dark chocolates can lower the level of high blood pressure and as a result it keeps one safe from cardio vascular risks. This again happens because dark chocolate are full of flavonoids.

Improves vision

It has been tested that dark chocolates can keep the eye health good and also it is very good for the retina health. In fact, it also improves the blood flow in the brain. In order to send chocolates by post one can always order chocolates from online sites.