Foods That Won’t Raise Blood Glucose

Foods That Won’t Raise Blood Glucose

The result of having a healthy lifestyle is not just having no illness but to have the attributes of a healthy person. To achieve a healthy lifestyle, it takes discipline and effort. Discipline is necessary because in this world where it promotes “food is life”, it is nothing more satisfying than indulging with the “guilty pleasure” foods. There are steps that need to be followed and avoided to achieve a healthy being. The first you have to do is to eat healthy meals. While you are eating healthy foods, you can also add vitamins or any nutritional supplements. Purchasing nutritional supplements is always worth every penny but you can also click here for more clearance deals. It is not necessary for you to splurge on expensive supplements. You can get great deals from brands such as Lorna Vanderhaeghe Products.

If you aim to be healthy and stay healthy, you need to abstain from specific types of foods such as fast foods, foods with preservatives and sweets. You can have those meals occasionally but in a moderate way. It is not bad at all to at least have a burger and fries as your meal sometimes but avoid doing it on a regular basis. Meanwhile, if you are managing your glucose or blood sugar level, here is a list of foods that will help you with that:

1. Fish rich in omega-3 fatty acid:





These fishes can not necessarily help manage your blood glucose level but you can add this to your meal and it will not raise your level. They are rich in protein which is good for the body in general. 

2. Berries

There are fruits that can elevate your blood sugar level but berries such as blackberries and blueberries will not. If you have diabetes, your doctor would probably suggest you stay away from other fruits but not with berries. Also, berries are very rich in fiber. All fruits are healthy except some can raise your blood sugar level. 

3. Eggs

Eggs are also rich in protein. If you are having daily workout routine to manage your blood sugar level, eggs are good for you. If you want a healthy snack while trying to maintain blood sugar level, hard-boiled eggs are the best. It will reduce your cravings because you will feel full after eating.

4. Avocado

Eating avocado will not just raise the blood glucose but it also has a lot of health benefits. It can also help improve insulin sensitvity. Avocado also helps in decreasing your cravings and hunger because it increases the feeling of fullness. But here is an important fact when it comes to avocado, as delicious as avocado smoothies are, it will affect the health benefits of avocado. Instead of helping your blood glucose not to raise, it will do the other way around. 

5. Whole grains

Brown rice


Wheat bread

Grain pasta

Those are some of the most common whole grain foods. Instead of eating white rice and white bread, you can eat brown rice or wheat bread as an alternative.