How to Avail a Mobile Protection Plan?

Insurance providers have introduced mobile protection plans to safeguard an individual against financial liabilities arising from unexpected and accidental damages. Availing such insurance policies is considerably easy and can be bought online.

How to buy a mobile protection plan?

First of all, individuals should consider where to look for an insurance plan to financially protect their expenses when addressing damages to their phones. It would serve them the best to know that they should choose an insurance provider which charges affordable premiums. However, it has to be in exchange for a higher proportion of coverage regarding the setbacks to the daily operations of a handset.

As a result, the first step would be to compare the terms of services associated with each protection plan provided by a financial institution. Moreover, reputed insurance aggregators have introduced an online process through which individuals can purchase bajaj mobile insurance online.

The process to buy is as follows –

  • Visit the official website of a leading insurance provider and navigate to the screen insurance section.
  • Provide basic details related to your name, mobile number, and date of birth while filling up the online application form for the mobile protection plan.
  • Enter the OTP that you receive on your registered mobile number to successfully complete the enrolment process.
  • You can also choose mobile wallet, credit or debit card, and net banking as per your convenience to pay the affordable premium to the insurance aggregator.

With this easy-to-follow process, individuals can purchase a mobile screen insurance plan to protect themselves financially against the cost of replacing or repairing their delicate mobile screens.

However, detailed insight into the reasons to purchase a mobile insurance in India would certainly help individuals understand the urgency of doing so.

Why do you need a mobile protection plan?

In most cases, a smartphone manufacturer provides an extended warranty period where users can repair their phone screens free of cost. However, the manufacturers usually lay down stringent rules that a user has to follow in order to receive such benefits. This significantly affects a user’s experience.

Therefore, individuals should purchase an efficient mobile protection plan for the following reasons –

  • Financial protection against fire – Mobile phones often fall prey to accidental fires due to internal malfunction. Hence, individuals can opt for a dedicated plan for their smartphone; for example, they can opt for a OnePlus insurance plan and safeguard themselves financially to a great extent against such scenarios.
  • Coverage against theft and robbery – Individuals who use iPhones have the option to receive financial compensation with an iPhone insurance policy from a reputed aggregator. In this case, they hardly have to worry about the financial shock of theft or robbery of their valuable possession.
  • Accidental damage safeguard – An effective product like a Samsung insurance can eliminate worries from a user’s mind caused due to accidental damages to the set. Therefore, they are eligible to receive financial aid for repairing or replacement of the damaged screen.

Pocket Insurance & Subscriptions such as the Mobile Screen Insurance policy from Bajaj Finserv allows individuals to financially protect themselves from expenses arising when repairing or replacing a cracked display.

Individuals can also purchase a mobile charger insurance plan to reduce their liabilities in the event of a faulty mobile charger. This is a valuable financial instrument to insure their mobile chargers against power anomalies and natural calamities.

Another wise option is to select a small gadgets insurance to safeguard individuals with sufficient coverage for damages to their Bluetooth speakers and digital clocks.

Therefore, the easy process for mobile protection plan enrolment enables an individual to purchase a necessary insurance policy effectively. With these plans, smartphone owners can continue to use their devices without worrying about financial losses from unexpected damages.