Top 4 Best Wild Edible Flowers That You Must Try

Top 4 Best Wild Edible Flowers That You Must Try

Flowers are the most beautiful creation of divine and they never fail to capture our heart. Most of the people generally think that flowers are only for decoration purpose. But only a few people are aware of the fact that there are many edible flowers too. There are many different types of edible plants that you can add to salads and veggies dishes or you can simply pluck and eat them while taking a walk around them. People, who love to explore edible plants and flowers, usually go for bay area tours. Especially, people who got high-interest in the research of wild and medicinal plants, they go for bay area brewery tours. Check out below the list of best wild edible flowers that you should try in your dishes.

  1.    Borage Blossoms

Borage blossoms are highly beautiful flowers that come in the shape of a star. These flowers basically taste like a cucumber that makes them best suitable addition in a vegetable salad. You can also add them in lemonade or refreshing cocktail to spice up your summer time. Apart from adding a delicious flavor to the dish or beverage, it will also add more enrichment to the overall look.

  1.    Calendula

Calendula is a very magnificent flower that is also known as the poor man saffron. This sunset-hued marigold flower gives the taste of true saffron, especially when topped with olive oil that really enhances its flavor. If you want a more spicy taste and aroma of this flower then it is best to eat it uncooked in your salad. This flower also acts as a perfect piece for decorating your dishes. You can just spread its petals on the top of your fruit or vegetable salad to give it a highly attractive look.

  1.    Zucchini Blossoms

Zucchini blossom is a bright yellow-hued rich flower that comes from zucchini plant. It gives a very delicate taste with a little bit of sweet tint in it. The best way to enjoy the freshness and taste of this flower is to add it in your pizza or any favorite cheese dish. Pizza is the best choice as most of the pizza lovers love to have zucchini topping over their Pizza. Thus, the addition of the zucchini flower will add more excitement to the eating experience of pizza.

  1.    Hibiscus  

Hibiscus is a very unique kind of flower that comes with a tint of both tart and sweetness. Its petal gives the flavor of cranberry that makes it a best suitable addition for cocktails and teas. To make your guest your true fan and to get all their praises, all you need to do is just put some hibiscus buds in a glass of their favorite beverage. That’s it, your work is done and it will surely make your guests crave for more.

On the Ending Note

If you want to add more flavor and beauty to your dishes then do continue your research on edible flowers. The right way to do this is to go on the best bay area tours with your loved ones.