How to Gain a Placement Direct from College

top placement college in UP

Your choice of a college for further studies should take into consideration placement after your degree is complete. Even the best placement college in Greater Noida or anywhere in India cannot guarantee a job though it does makes the process easier for you to gain a job from the placement cell directly. A placement via any top placement college in UP is a prestigious matter for any individual but do please keep in mind that it is not the end of the road if somehow this does not come to fruition for you.

  • Our placement cell is ranked AA+ by Careers 360 and ranked among the top institutes of

India by Competition Success Review (CSR) as we have a rigorous schedule that grooms and sets you up professionally to be chosen by one of the invited organisations. With a further rating of 2nd in the northern region for faculty and 1st in 100 B-Schools from the Times of India, we have a reputation to ensure the quality of the students that spend time in our hallowed halls.

Although only the pre-final students are allowed to register in the placement cell, our trainings start right from the day you step under our wings along with the other humdrums of normal college life like course curriculums, examinations, project work, etc. Sector-wise our placements for the qualified students usually fall under banking and finance, consumer durables and home appliances, e-commerce, IT and allied services, and many more. Trainings are provided to each student on a case-to-case basis on grooming, office etiquette, preparing for common interview questions and various other soft skill requirements like teamwork, communication skills, interpersonal skills, creative thinking, etc. to help you maximise your chances of impressing the right companies.

These rigorous trainings ensure that we produce the best students on an yearly basis to serve the industry needs and ever changing requirements. Every year formal invitations are sent to the best companies in the industry to visit our facilities, interview our students and choose from the cream of the lot. All of these activities are managed by our placement cell who collect students’ resumes and tailor them to suit the industry of your choice after career counselling and extensive trainings.

Pre-placement talks from industry experts are organised to give you a heads-up on the roles and requirements of the industry trends and gives you an advantage to pitch your skills in that direction for final approval and success. Interviews are conducted as per each companies policy either face-to-face or via video conferencing to expedite the process. And finally the selected students are acknowledged and awarded with the much-awaited offer letters with suitable remuneration offered.

Only the best placement college in Greater Noida follow such strict guidelines as we do and as thoroughly as we do which is appreciated by the industry experts who keep coming back to our college to choose from our students. A placement from any top placement college in UP will surely give your career an early boost to a successful life.