CHROs: Game Changer for Organizations And Why They Matter

chief of human resources

A strong chief human resources officer is indeed a game changer in an organization. The growth in the HR field has seen changes that go far beyond one can imagine. In today’s date, the contribution of the CHROs with the CEOs is a great deal for an organization. 2019 is a year that is predicted to be filled with CHROs showing their expertise for strategic growth.

Before moving further, one needs to know that the HR field has evolved and so did the people, that were leading the human resources department and performance. Gone are those days when traditional tasks of placing a death grip on things take place which is rational. Today is the day for CHROs to gate the process and lead the organization into a successful path.

It must be curious to know what the peers of today are doing in the HR industry. How are they going to plan for their next strategic movement? For example, almost 53% of the chief of human resources said that they will be investing in technologies like artificial intelligence recruiting. The other areas include workplace, diversity, and inclusion.

The modern chief of human resources and chief HR are sophisticated, mixed with extensive skills and have a series of experience in the core field. This further expands to core functional areas like operations, strategic planning, technical know-how, and at times the finance. At most organizations, it is not uncommon to find that the closest that one gets to the CEOs are the CHROs. Earlier this was not the scenario, however, with time CEOs have grown to have a better understanding of how to seek out a new type of leader in the human resources field. They have realized that with time, irrespective of the business they are in, they will always fall under people business.

But how will one analyze the characteristics of a chief human resources officer?

It is simple, you just need to look out for candidates who have the characteristics of chief architects of culture and the ones who is a good curator and a guardian.

Here are some of the traits of a successful CHRO-

  • Keeping track of the talent they have hired for and ensure he is retained
  • Culture observance is viewed closely
  • Evaluation of creativity, reasonably and effectiveness of the programs that are in existence
  • Great workforce dynamics, engagement and satisfaction
  • Taking note of employer brand which is well positioned

The roles that the future CHROs will be handling:

  • Diagnose people’s problems
  • Strategic planning using data analytics
  • Help set the workplace agenda
  • Build a new, agile and organizational structure

Let me mention a few examples of some of the best CHROs – Andy Scoggin, Dane E. Holmes, Cheryl H. Johnson, Charles Bendotti, Elise Eberwein, Ellen Wilson, are few of the names that are on top of my mind right now. A growing business will be the topmost priority of the leaders of the future. To align these key initiatives of driving the organizations business goals, it is time to involve what the employees value and plan strategically.